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like so finally huh. only managed to get 1 out of 3 belated presents for my frens. hehs.

today went out with my darling amanda; audi cpl john and his fren. :D

but most of the time we are waiting and waiting && waiting! =P
wait for sky to drop. hahah.

anyways, met up with my darl first before we headed to causeway to find my fren.
so much thanks to darling for accompanying me!
shared alot of things. hehs.

anyways. met up with john and one of his fren. forgot what name, and headed to have lunch.
then after that walk up walk down cause john wanted find his the other fren who was supposed to come.
so in th end we waited for quite sometime before we headed off to town via cab.
his fren didnt even come luhs. LOL.

on the cab nearly fall asleep.
so headed far east while we girls and the guys shopped seperately!
its weird to have guys come along when girls are shopping ma!
bought some belts tops and etc lahhs :D

met up with the guys about an hour later,
and john gave me a gift :D hahas. thanks hubby!
so we walked to cineleisure for they wanted to play pool. so that in the meanwhile of waiting ama and we could camwhore! XD
but who knows in the end only john knw how to play and we nearly let him play single.
haha! so, we played one game jiu left liao. no fun ma =x
no nice movies to watch anyway, so walked aroundd cineleisure.
THEN.. we headed BACK to wisma atria and wheelock place (shld be)
walked around, nth much. and we decided to go Heeren.
the guys wanted to buy some jackets. and hence we walked back to the somerset area. TT

by that time dinner time, we walked to cine 1st while the guys need to wait for one more fren.
so in the end we sat there and waited the sky to drop. :D

toupai darling!

John (: me and darl still thinks he looks like malay! hahaha

no snapping of me!

& so when his fren came, we started to find place to eat.
they are so fussy =P hahah.
walked to cine, nth to eat, then walked back to taka find food.
!!! back to orchad area. x.x
hehs. me and darl was complaining tired and all these
(cause we walked like from Orchard -> Summerset then Summerset ->orchard 4 times or so le xp)
and we got ourself a carrier!

tatas. see i posted the blur one ok! hahah. mostly were the stffs bought by me and darl =x
&& then at taka, they walked one big round here and there to come back the starting place.
then decided that there's nothing much to eat, ad next destination is Wisma. LOL.
then at Wisma de food republic no place!
no choice, went to lucky plaza before they finally decided to eat there XDD

hahah me and darl was like '' oh finally XD ''
so tired luhs! if i faint im gonna get them CARRY ME. lol!
you see, we were running everywhere in town xD
hhaha. shopped everywhere excepted paragon only. LOL. =P
hence after dinner we cabbed home :D

interchange =3

the only picture we took tgt for the day!

and its like taken at the end of the day.
we looked so shagged! love you darling :DD hehe. we look weird in this pict luhs. since its blurr in the 1st place i edited the contrast XD yea. =P

turned out that john bought me two tanktops from 77th street. xD
thanks hubby! :D

&& anyway me and darling agreed that this john's character not bad. :D
see! its a compliment. LOL.

well i guess i shall end here for the day.

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