Tuesday, June 3, 2008


hmms. i attempted to draw this in class.
was too bored. =/

im not bad an illustrator bahs :x
lols! do drop me comments kays! x)

anyway, and tis is the SUDO-CUBE i've mentioned in my previous posts before.

so on the whole, i nearly solved the whole cube (all HAVE TO be in the same direction)
and left this stupid side. [ 8 & 4 ]

rawrrs. it tempt me to much to dismantle and reput it back. LOL.

hmms. one bright one dark. x.x
these two picts were taken while im on cabbie to school.

the windows had some sort of...(forgotten that word)
and hence the brightness of the pict. hee. im lazy to edit. =p

wanted to wake up at 7.30 go bathe one.
in the end i woke up at 8.30 when im supposed to reach school by 9.
nearly ponned english.

no choice, mum force me go school. ._.
cabbed to school and strolled in to class at 9.
so shuang! :x
(`cause i've dropped chemistry)

im happaye cause no lessons okay~
not that im so saddist to have exam now. LOL.

i get to go home early~ xD

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