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after 7 days or rather to be precise, 5+ days in japan, IM BACK.
no need say lahs. i know u shy. LOL.

okay as u guys heard on the news there's an earthquake in jap.
dont worry, didnt hit my area.
i was on a roller coaster at that time of 2.14pm. LOL.

i survived the trip! (i made it sound so horrible. LOL)

anyway, this trip made me found out a few facts abt jap ._.

&& my blog hits is now more than 10000! ahhh!
im not those kind of dumb who sits infront of the square box and keep refreshing my page.
i know you would think of that. but i DIDNT! xD so happpy.


#1. icecream lovers! provided that u have the $$$, u can stuff urself with as much ice cream as u want during the season summer. they are everywhere.

#2. on the shirakaba streets, leng lui and lengzais are EVERYWHERE. xD
those who are chio are VERYglamorous looking and shuai ok lah. can fight with wu zun. LOL.

#3. couples usually dye their hair of the same colour. (interesting huh)

#4. when i went to disneyland, its usually the ladies who are OVER-dressed and the guys UNDER-dressed. quite ironical if ure there.

#5. i shall continue someother time when i rmb more. XD
THINGS that happened on ME.

#1. im SERIOUSLY DEPRIVE of coke and soda. for the whole week i drank no more than one pathetic can of no more than 330ml xD

#2. u could hardly find chocolate anywhere. not even in the icecream stalls.

#3. they are selling GREEN TEA EVERYWHERE. (i dislike TEA! :x)

#4. raw food are not my stuffs.

#5. i no longer have fried kuay tiao, laksa, roja, satay, chicken rice etc for the whole week! everymeal was jap cuisine.

#6. DISNEYLAND rides were like those u get in GENTING HIGHLANDS.

#7. i got no more than 3hrs of slp during flight.

there's still alot more to whine.
i shall bomb u wth them ltr. LOL. pictures!

i was to reach the airport around 9.
and i was super tired around that time.
hence i look so so so shagg in the picts.

anyway, almost everypict there will be me.
i love u guys have a crush on me so i posted more. LOL.
just kidding.
&& yea. i think i blog day by day.

too much picts.
its killing my eyes and time. hahah.


airport with my mum, me, my bro and his gf joanne.

my mum forbids me to post any of HER picts and MY picts up on this blog.
since some THAT PERSON tipped off my mum about my blog.
and i get NO ENDINGS to her naggings.

but of course, my picts will be up,
but picts of my mum perhaps one or 2 only :D

i cant fixed that red eyes no matter what, rawr,

we are not twins ._.

Air Boeing A380 seat plan!
my cousin and her dad :D

notice the double deck on top.
very small. TT

and yea. the seat isnt that nice anyway,

& i looked like some advertorial girl for the newspaper.
... i was gun pointed to smile. LOL.




this strawberry choco is loveed! *thumbs up*
look at the amt of people TT
its no more than 11am.

me and my cousin

me and angel. (my cousin's name. no wrong xD)

our house! LOL

i have a driving licence kay!

its so sunny. i couldnt even open my eyes!
and i was forced to take this. ...


since the picts are posted according to time. :D

on board the ferry!

popcorn~ its nice :DD
the castle

the bicycle-piano.
this man is super hilarious lahhs. hahaha

and his whole bicycle piano was like so jumpy
cause he turn his head from left to right with exaggerated expression. xD

anyway, its their 25th ANNIVERSARY. :D

and there was this parade going on at 3pm.
2.15pm have to go find seat alrdy lor! UNDER THE SUN!
i feel asleep while sitting XD not bad ba.


spot what's on it xD

see see. hehe

monsters incorporation :D
they have almost ALL the characters u know!

it dates back to films years ago.
monsters inc is a good example.
toystory is also there!

but anyway, i shall stop here abruptly for day 2 because the camera died out on me.
hehs. too bad. XD but its very glam. the whole parade.

we walked around aimlessly after the parade cause the coach is only here at 6.45!
can die de lor! even slept on a bench. LOl.
ridees ARE BORING.

aftermath of the whole day of picts was...

u get those flying elephants an aeroplanes which u could find in genting.
no fun. serious. hahah.
anyway, picts got alot ok!
these are only part of it. i burned nearly 4 hours on trying to blog this!
blogger is so slow at uploading picts.

back to topic, IM BACK!
but i woke up at 4.30 ytd morning for the flight back to sg. its 1am now =p
i need some shut eye, tatas.

i learnt some jap too. hehe. daryl, be JEALOUS :D

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