Sunday, June 1, 2008

okay, in a spur of the moment,


&& my mum says i look like a DOLL.

its because my hair is really THAT black. haha.

i've never even thought about it in the morning when i woke up,
and when going out with my mum to buy some jeans/skinnies for my jap trip,
she suddenly mentioned to me about cutting my fringe.

LOLS. i was still very against it at first. & i was still smsing deardear
about how much i was dreading it.
but thenn...

i cant resist the temptation to TRY something NEW ♥

hahahs. bangs; slopes; tried everything.
now is a concave fringe. ♥

hehs. i have a new look.
give me a comment kay? x)

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