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whees. ok im posting! im too lazy to upload any picts so this is gonna get wordy!

its monday and the monday blues are back!
was unwell in the morning luhs. lucky subsequently got better le.

PE was STONING TIME! becaus today they played bball, which i dont really like cause the bball always end up 'boing*' off my head. LOL. not that exaggerating luhs. but everytime got hit by ball. so today i sat at the bench at the sports hall and stone stone. im so vexed up with some stuffs! ><
irrelavant stuffs i shall skip!

anyway, i totally burned my weekends. went out on sunday again with john. and as usual slacked everywhere and waited the sky to drop. :x
wanted to go catch movie at town but who ask me slept until 1.30! haha.
wasnt allowed to go out but... STILL, i sneaked out. hehs. cabbed to meet him but ended up at his house cause he wanted to bathed and change. smelly panda XD
cabbed down to cineleisure, but due to time slots not available (have to reach home early), we walked to far east shop shop and sat outside there wait sky drop :x
and tatas. i suddenly rmbed i havent got shuhui's present and went to taka!

talking till here...
i wonder if there's any price tag on that present. TT
i forgot to check! alamak. suan le~
around 5+ or 6 trained home. ;D he was so tired he dozed off luhs! haha.
&& *poof!* friday saturday and sunday are gonneeee
at least i do have something to look forward to : school starts at 9am tmr!
har har har. :x
seriously now im starting to feel guilty cause i've yet to settle down on my studies.

and all thanks to daryl i got hooked on to shuffling. naw, just interested.
i have alot to post! like how i screwed up my eng paper 1 and all these.
but since those stuffs are kind of outdated, hehs.

sorry readers xD i guess im left with nic's chalet yet to blog about. but then again.. IM LAZY.
how bad could it be.

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