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come on, admit it. its cool. XD

and of course from the above picts, its obvious enough that i went to watch this movie today rights? XD

and so, its about

A follow-up to "Batman Begins," "The Dark Knight" reunites director Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale, who reprises the role of Batman/Bruce Wayne. Now, Batman raises the stakes in his war on crime. With the help of Lieutenant Jim Gordon and District Attorney Harvey Dent, Batman sets out to dismantle the remaining criminal organisations that plague the city streets. The partnership proves to be effective, but they soon find themselves prey to a reign of chaos unleashed by a rising criminal mastermind known to the terrified citizens of Gotham as the Joker.

Christian Bale was darn suave!
simply taking my breath away. The Joker was simply sick! gruesome cold and ruthless to the core! =P one who didnt believed in humanity of the world. cant stand the way he kills people! sticking knives into people's mouth and slowly push the blade to the corner and tata! up to your imagination. && Harvey Dent looked so damned gross with half of his face burnt! became the two faced harvey.

i've been following up on my dear fren jenny's blog. XD
she has recently put up at post on this show where her stand is she sides with the joker! XD
after all, she provides another viewpoint on this movie. =P
i must say, her blog posts are quite interesting!
Click here!

its a good freaking long 2 and 1/2 hrs!!!!
was practically freezing like hell so do rmb to bring ur jacket along. HAHAs.
samuel brought 2 jackets and i ended up snatching his away. lalalal. let him be cold. LOL.
samuel's super mean lahhs! its like at crucial parts of the movie and he came to SCARE ME!
piak-ed him alot of times. elephant ma, skinn thick enough. hahah.
whenever that gross face of Harvey Dent and Joker slashing peoples' mouth appears on the screen i use the jacket to cover. and there goes that stupid elephant! :x come and scare me ._.
& all along i thought tt jacket belonged to johnathon. hahah.

and so i kept flooding thomas with questions after questions! since i had no idea what this movie was about until the batman flew out of somewhere i murmered "oh its about batman"
so toot lahs!
hahahs. and yea. i forgot to mention we met desmond neo & his fren (both ex-cchy) while we were on our way to GV, and so they joined us. total of 15 people! :D

after movie we headed to northpoint awhile since the toilets at GV were closed.
and poof* bumped into the person i would least expect to be,
ong jia hon.
at first was surprised to see him, but i just turned and walked off. :x
okays i admit i was abit rude, after all this person walked out of my life with a pack of lies threwn to me and left me there to pick up the broken pieces.
i wasnt ready to see this person and so... i walked off like that.
didnt meant to be rude; wasnt angry. just didnt know how to face you.

random quote from Eclipse - ..this sensation that a huge hole had been pumped through my chest, exercising mymost vita organs and leaving raggd, unhealed gashes arond the edge that continuedto throb and bleed despite the passage of time-
but i've got you out of my mind afterall. (:

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