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cute ehs? x)

well, kind of surprising to see my blog in the afternoon yea? XD
i slept at 3.20am ytd! but still, i didnt broke my biology record. mugging till 4am!

but i guess what im gonna get back from teachers are still
"jaslin ar, u never study right ?"

lets bet ;)

i regreted sleeping so late last night. i rmb gt one question i do halfway i nearly dozed off!
and i nearly mistook electric field for magnetic field... hahah.

22marks out of 80 is my gift to mr lee!
hehs seriously, one question has so MANYYY sub-questions.
esp one on asking the pressure cooker! okok i noe thats in the textbook but i skipped that.. so say byebye to that whole question! quite alot of explaining question came out..

aye. wont be expecting too much from this too. since i've already kissed goodbye to 22marks. hey, that excludes my mistakes in any calculation or explaining!
but still, i tried my best. i tried my best to not fall asleep! xp

XD hall was unusually cold for me today.. though i just spent about 2hrs sitting there for a paper. i was practically freezing! kept rubbing my hands.

thursdayyy. please come faster so prelim could be gone TT
im off on fridayyyy! whees. =P
seriously, my mum doesnt knows im having my examination period now. hahs.



i bought Slurpee to class during sat for remedial!
you see, buy one get one free. HAHAS! cute rights! its an eraser :DD

and so, after that remedial we headed to Long John for lunch w zihan eeting and sy deardear.
since we were eating very slow eeting and zihan left first.
hahah. spent quite some time sitting there waiting for deardear to finish her food XD

had nothing to do and so i played with the cup..


our examination hall! :D


skies! :DDDDD

was actually some picts which i took days back. but i hadnt been blogging them :x

hehs.. this 2 pict was taken at the same time.
look at the difference XD

&& i shall end the post with my fav pict!
clouds are nicee! this you gotta agree with me. c'mon, admit it XD
i didnt have to even go edit the contrast! :D

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