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&& this is what i wore! tatas.

i shall blog about the details in between the picts as i go down.
XD dont skip them! lalalas.

anyway, my bro is damn hilarious. he went out to eat with his gf, and so he bought 3 cups of almond jelly back home, wanting to treat us

who knows on his way back, he shake the plastic bag front and back~,
yo until the plastic bag suddenly got big hole and all the almond jelly dropped on the floor.

LOL. its at the corridor && it's at someone else's door lahs!
hahaha. luckily my neighbour wasnt at hme. but... oh well.

LOOK! see the exploded cups and longans on the floor! XD
laughed our ass out XD

anyways, being random,

the handrail while waiting for the train!
so many water droplets XD raining cat dogs!

&& so we headed to amk to wait for our uncle to drive us to Havelock road.
Mirama Hotel i think.
but he drove till another hotel which was nearby.
the hotel name sounds so much alike! but i forgottn. hehs paiseh.
funny luhs.. in the end we walked from one hotel to another. quite near thou.

tata! see see!

cute not! LOL. my cousin lai d. he trying eat that big mushroom XD
he stil look around to see if anyone trying snap photo of him lor!!
too bad he forgot i was sitting at the same table! lalalas.

we got 3 tables ma. XD
think got 30 ppl went for my ahma bdae's celebration! x)
see see, my ahma is loved <3

71 DA SHOU! :D

this is just some of us. the kids! XD
the all-of-us picture wasnt with me;
too bad!

blowing the candles!

&& my mum was trying to torment my cousin. LOL.

as usual, daph, me and jeanie!

the aftermath of the table..

there's this promotion or bonus or special (whatever u call it) thing going on in this restaurant.
i think its when u spend above duno how much, u get to have a dip in tis box filled with 20cent coins!
(if above $500, it will be a dip of $1 coins i think)

but since we hve 3 tables, we get to have 3 dips at it!
hahahs. how much u can grip the 20cent coins, its all yours!

so in the end we got $38 just out of 3 dips! XD

everyone trying to squeeze their hands in :x


&& soon after we left the restaurantaround 9+
this pict is all the males for my cousins! except one which left home earlier to slp i think.

Hotel Miramar!

&& so we walked back to the previous hotel where we parked at first :x

this hotel is much more prettier luh!


seriously if u try to take a closer look, you will see some ppl doing line dancing at below the stage XD

my uncle then droved us to amk and we trained home!

im not always crazy =3

okay i think i shall just blog till here for my granny's bdae :D

&& yea, some updates on the past few days.
friday just went to inez hse to watch the VCD called The Haunted School.
i forgot to upload the pict of that so, picts up next post!

went to inez hse with eddie and zijian to play mahjong!
play mahjong while watching VCD but soon eddie left.
play with eddie so good lahs! CAUSE HE KEEP ON FEEDING ME LOL.
&& of cuz, im on a winning streak :x

but soon boyuan came...
&& myluck went downhill. rawr! its all boyuan's fault. LOL.
lose abit but also win abit lahs.
so in the end i went home with an extra of $13+ bucks in my pocket!


&& about my previous post,
had some moodswings due to certain stuffs.

firstly of all would be cause of my results.
okok, dont always see me like heckcare results one hoh.. i do mind.
mr lee called me ytd =X
he was like asking me to rly rly put ALOT of effort into my studies.
said i flunked my paper 2 or something. did very badly lahs on the whole.
T.T i did study and infact till 3am! rawr.
bio is totally screwed and is hand in hand with my amaths.
grrs. ><

and secondly, i wouldnt mention about them.
personalstuffs. yea.
just wanted to say :


LOL. okok im chilling. =D
thanks for the tag andy!

aww. nobody seems to be tagging my board x.x
but my blog hits had gone up again! super duper happy <3

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