Wednesday, July 9, 2008

i think i could & will make it to the top winner if there's an award like

"Dumbest & Careless-est award for the year"

know why? read on! hahah.

Later im having Emaths P1 and HCL P1 soon.
great news, my sec3 and 4 Emaths textbooks are happily lying under the desk in the classroom,
and my notes and my most impt MATHS SET's sleeping down there too.
(again,..) pro anot? i dont think so..


it seems like i've yet to get into the zhuang4 kuang4 like that lor.
somene remind me to go class after papers to retrieve ALL MY BOOKS.

chingyuk was like still asking me : why u everything leave in class de!
me : my cupboard ma! lazy bring here and there everywhere
CY : then ur table must be like so packed lahhs
me : ar bo -.-

hahah. BUT. i didnt let time fly past me today like that.
(though i seriously confess i've yet to touch emaths and HCL)


* claps claps* wahahah. choops you gotta be proud of me man. hahaha. there are 21 chpts to be tested on the Thursday Bio prelim paper, and i chionnnngggeedd finish 10 chpts TODAY!

one dayyy! half a book digested. wahah. mind u, that textbook got 450 page. -.-
met up with CY and nic and KX to study at burger kingg. seriously its turning my den =P
naw kidding. XD hehe. of course, i just manage 4chpts at BK.
come back mug and mug. of course (with a bit of audi and watch tv while reading txtbk) XD

its 12.43 now =/
happy new year to my emaths. && my HCL. haha!
maybe i shall flip through the ten yr series. TT

the bloody Os. faster come fast go! TT


hmmms. who do we have here? XD

guess i shall blog til here~
i dont wish to be murdered at the next second. -runs-

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