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im so bloody tired and sick from BIOLOGY.

seriously, it isnt a good subject to take. DNA DNA and more DNA.
its like choops is always rushing through these harder topics and eventually, nothing got into my brain at all in class.
homeostasis; molecular genetics; heredity; nutrients and so much lahs!
x.x right now its like i still have 5more chapters to go -.-
cant the MOE just cut down some topics. rawr.

reached home today and i took a nap! so so so tired and by the time i woke up its like 6+?

emaths today was pretty easy.
tadahs. there flew my full marks. TT
&& for the HCL paper, needless to say there isnt a time when this paper was easy.

i spent like 25mins trying to plot out my eassy, and killed my brain cells on writing
Fate lies in your hands. Do you agree?
by crapping on 2+ pages. got at least 1000 characters lor! but still, the whole eassy was beating abt the bush and im still wondering if i wrote out of point anot.
in the end left like 40min to rush out another eassy. gosh.

its Emaths paper 2 and biology paper 2 tmr.
guess nobody even touched emaths for tonight. HAHAs.

BRING YOUR THERMOMETERS TMR. checking would be done in the exam hall.

i found this pict on the net.
hahaha && this pict was actually printed on a MYUK pencil case i saw in taka weeks ago.

YES, follow it. It makes you go STRESS-FREE. :D

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