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lols. today's a double blow for me man.
well if you had been following my blog during my prelim periods (last 2 weeks)
im sure u would know how roughly i guage my marks. =/
but anyways, updates on my papers!

Amaths P1 : 22/80
Amaths P2 : 30/100
percentage : 30 [F9]

remember how i mentioned that i kissed at least 65mark away for my paper 2?
now i gave mr vijay another tip of 5 marks. .___.
scored 30 out of 100 for an easy paper kays! want to bang wall. TT
afterall its my fault; i didnt know that day morning was an amaths paper.

was kinda depressed over the marks. =/
people from my class are like GAYS can. in terms of score :x
okays,1st blow.


Physics P1 : 20/40
Physics P2 Section A : 35/50
Physics P2 Section B : 9/30
Percentage : (im not too sure if the marks for section A was correct)
but i think i got a D7 overall. TT

my 2nd blow!!

okays, u guys may think this as nothing.. but im depending on BOTH my amaths and physics for an A1 or A2!
now my amaths got a freaking hell F9 and physics a D7! my bio did better lor. LOL.
i rmb how i swore to myself to quit online games!

anyways, also got back my SS paper.
was quite alright overall. lifted my spirits abit!

SBQ : 9/25
SEQ : 17/25

hehs.. i love sabrina cause im award like 2 marks for 2 sentences. LOL. there's prove!

whole page's a BIG BLANK!
samuel aw was like : wtf? 2MARKS FOR THAT?!? *roll eyes*

but there's a instance where i answered almost 3/4 of the page!
nora gave me one big FAT ZERO ! gonna fish for marks.
i need it to save my geog!!

anyways, went out to eat at coffeeshop before me and deardear went back to continue study!
she mainly asked chang chang abt the Chem Spa skill 3
while i did physics paper from other schools. fell asleep halfway! (oops)
do till around 5+ before we homed!

an outdated pict for u!
taken during my trip to taiwan last yr!


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