Thursday, July 31, 2008


inez's back from genting!
was quite surprised she bought stuffs for me! x)
other than the pencil case, she still bought me another shirt! guitars imprinted on it <3
thanks loaddies! muacks. ;D

today is just another mundane day.
wake up, school, home, tv, comp, sleep.
oh how interesting it gets.

just fyi, prelim 2s are looming over the horizons once again.
2 weeks later, and there they are right at your doorstep.
knocks on ur door, give you a bright smile and engulfs you the next moment.
once prelim 2 ends, another month of lesson and there you'll be graduating, gearing up for the bloody O lvls.
goodluck everyone.

i feel like im running a race with time.

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