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its our school's 69th Anniversary! :DD

burned my saturday totally off lik that T.T
anyway, im attached.
may be shocking to u guys since i've never mentioned to anyone :x but then, i know what im getting myself into. yeah yeah, its the bloody O lvls & i am commiting time to my studies. dont wry :D && yea, i dislike preachings XD

headed to hubby's hse in the morning, slack slack before headed to school.
rawr hubby. im gonna find ur weak point!
&& then ltr when i reached school, its like so rush lahhs! rush here and ther and everywhere!


asked around if anyone has an extra, and in the end i landed myself with 2 ties :x
one from anna and one from mr ang. thanks! :D
had just a McChicken burger for lunch and soon after those appointed to help out at the library was slacking!

for the library, we are just in charge of serving the guests for their dinner.
given the time we reached the library.. its 2PM ONLY!!
so yea. some ran off to watch the parade while me sunshine and sean just hanged around in th library. :D

time was like turtle crawling. the food caterer wasnt even here yet and we 3 went to a seperate room in the library.

I started doodling on the whiteboard not long ltr. HAHAs.
as you could see from the picts, im totally BORED!


hubby! this is for you :D

HANDWRITING SO CHIO RIGHT! my left hand was the writer! haha! after the alphebat 'Z' it was meant to be an exclamation mark.. (!)

finally! the food caterer came around 4+ and sean and i helped to set up the tables :D
hardwork. pretty fun actually XD

didnt manage to catch the final result of everything cause no time!
but overall its pretty good. as in the ambience and stuffs like that lahs!
by then im like so so so tired. i had to fill EVERY CUP with fruit punch! fill until my hands so suann..

after serving everyone and they left, WE DIGGED IN!
hey.. we digged in on the LEFTOVERS CAN!
we are too desperate for food. HAHAs.
its like by 6+ we are alrdy hungry cause we started to put portions of food on their table and they smell heavenly nice!

too bad, we can only see and no touch and no eat. .__.
ended up watching the guests eat and we were like murmuring to each other "eat faster eat faster!"
LOL. cause once they finish we can eat ma XD


william came in after we ate finished and helped us took a pict!
main waiter and waitress for the day!

looked at the stunned faces. :x
everyone was like ''huh?!"
all thanks to duno which prefect who ame in to ask us hurry up. haha

wahaha william ure so dead. teachers read my blog XD

by night time the windows are like mirror lahhs! XD

Helpers from 4H !

:DDD school at night :D
gives u a different feeling huh

the pavillion

2nd floor pathway :D

:DD stayed around till 8+ or 9 before we headed home! :D
tata and here im blogging. :D

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