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hahahs i went out to study physics kays!

just did some assessments at bk with chinyuk matthew nic and kaixun!
met up at 3+ but by 5+pm, most of us were bored!
so walked walked aorund northpoint before we headed home!

thew and kai still rich enough go chambers play. hahah.
anyways, i finally bought a new earpiece for myself!

since my sony ericsson one was lost,
my mum's nokia one i use until its spoilt and its darn irritating to listen music from one side.

:DD but still i doesnt have my fav colour. oh wells.

&& this is the VCD i've been talking about! ;D
the ending is such a total disappointment to me.
that chio bu! TT hahah.
i think only inez would understand what im saying XD


and as usual, RANDOMNESS!

remember i went to japan and bought a strawberry choc back from disneyland!
its super sweet and unique in its own way!
packaging not bad, and on each cube of the choc,
there's a disney character on it!
i had the contrast of the following pict edited!
so as to make the disney characters more obvious.

hehs. its minnie mse, mickeymse and donald duck! :D

another surprise awaits me while i tried to break them.
see! small pieces of sour yet sweet strawberry bits in them!
tastes superb! XD

&& yet, another random thing.

i've been losing weight, i guess.
now is that a good thing or bad thing ._.

ytd i went to my family gathering and most of my relatives commented on me losing even more weight as usual.
since everytime when i get to see them, im getting thinner and skinnier to them each time.

im starting to wonder if im suffering from anorexia nervosa.
LOL. choy lah kays! im just kidding =3

seriously, im eating like close to one meal per day on an average of 3 to 4 days per week.
blame on my laziness, im too lazy to get my ass downstairsto buy food.
so i'll just skip the meals.
&& of course my weight took the consequences.
but i must say,
IM NOT ON A DIET!! i do binge on my fav food. hahah.

alrights i shall end here first.

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