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i've got a sudden liking to red. xD
even my desktop's wallpaper and theme are red! =P

i guess i'll just blog everything short and sweet today!
after school, lunched at Yishun Safra's

Eatzi Steakhouse and Bistro (:

went with jonathon shengxiong chingyuk anne nic germain kaxu celesta samuel and thomas :D
was crapping around everywhere. haha.
and poeple keep on suanning me!
hehs if u happens to be reading this now, im teling u,..
i dislike it!
hahahs. not on serious term okays. but just dont like it! roarrrs.
things would be much better if u guys stop. HAHAS. i meant it! XD

hmmms. craving for some? xD

anyways, walked back to yishun interchange after that and we homed!

szegee and i are so gonna screw ajc over the phone tmr.
wont tell u the reasons why now. HAHAs. explanation another day! XD
i felt guilty for pangseh-ing my deardear :x

thats all for today! uber short post. =p


Replies to Tags.

Lawrence - lawls. meant for u? hahahs long way for me! XD
Andy- LOL where got. u this C.A.B.! hahaha. im guai and good de lor. :x
Kaixun - ... whatever u say lahs. since no matter how much i say u guys can twist it back to suan me. -.-
Jade - Jadeeeeeey. hahahs. roarrs! of course never miss u! u want find gf then find me one. HAHAs.
Homie & Low - hehes. hellos ;D thanks for the tag! loveed.
Zhiyan - hahah. sounds like a nice idea to me. but not when my phone is swimming in it! LOls. XD
--Hs-BOY- - boyyyyyy ;DD how's ur day le? hahahs. banana!


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