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tralalala. be envious =3

okay, i gonna give u a warning before u start reading.
only pict available for ur pleasure is the one on top =3


anyway, today sucks hell lot for me.
first thing in the morning...


2nd time for the year, see! its rare that im late. and of all times,

since some of my readers are not from my school, i shall explain. HAHAs.
1st day of prelim, teacher reminded us not to be late.
IF youre late, and u are late for the paper, that's YOUR problem and no extra time would be given.

soo... i woke up at 7.15 like that in the morning despite my 5 recurring alarms on my phone (opps!) and i had it set ringing since 5.50 in the morning. HAHAs. :x
i remember i got stunned by the time and my mum was bathing at that time! rushed to pack my bag i even had no time to iron my uniform lahs!
hehs.. i have a habit of leaving everything to be done in the morning :x which proved to be a bad habit if you woke up late.
no choice, had to wore that abit-crumpled uniform to school and dashed out of hse at 7.30 -.-
i cant stand un-ironed clothes!!!!!!!
but luckily there was a cab, BUT IT STOPPED AT EVERY TRAFFIC LIGHT and junction lahs! what luck. hehs.

but i remember i arrived at the school gate earlier than that bus 812.
so when i went in the prefects on duty was like

"omg jaslin! have you forgotten u got prelims today?"
and i just reply " yaya i noe! bo bian TT "

and according to what our school does, late comers have to stand in a row at the corridor lahs.
think i arrived around 7.35. since after 7.25 u wil be considered late.
oh wells, it was tie-day afterall, and i have an excuse not to wear tie! lalala.
so i assummed everyone who wasnt wearing tie in that row was a sec4 student. LOL. and there was 2 more person late luhs..

so in the end, have to wait till the reading period over before we will be released to class.
MY PRELIM STARTS AT 8! reading period ends at 7.55!
and usually the prelim starts earlier than the destinated time.. so.. IM LATE for the PAPER lahs! :D
i duno what the prefects were doing but i ended up in the 2nd group whom the students are defined as : came later than 7.40 -.-
you see, the later u come, the later u will be realised. gosh!
but thanks to anna she kept on helping me to remind mr ng that the 3 sec4s were late.
soon the prefects came to take down names lor..

the prefect asking the boy beside me
prefect : you from wad class?
boy : 1A
prefect : register number?
boy : 33.
then he came over ask me.
prefect : you from wad class?
me : 4H
prefect : huh 1H? (sec 1)
me : *gives that -.- face* sec FOUR H.

DO I SERIOUSLY LOOK SEC1? LOL. kidding lahs think he nv hear properly.

time alrdy ticking away liao lor. around 8 liao. && mr ng was like demanding to noe who was late for the 3rd time since this semester, so the prefect have to go dig out the past attendence book and SLOWLY CHECK who is late. damn man. one by one leh!

lucky mr ng saw me, && realised im not those frequently late. lalal.
then he ask : jaslin, how many times late?
me : -.- 1st time. (for this sesmester)
he : ok go.

LOL. i tell u, i made a mad rush for the examination hall at the 4th floor. by the time reached the door of the hall, im practically out of breath. *open doors* thenn *everyone in hall turned to look* =.=
AND SO... i was late for my paper for abt 20min. you know what?


there lying on my desk was AMATHS.
you stare at me i stare at u.
(!!! i was still intending to come school study after my physics paper!)

i was still panting for breath and i only started writing 5mins ltr.
its like so WTH?
i forgot the formulas and stuffs with my brain not yet tuned to amaths.
i kissed 65marks out of 100 to mr vijay. *muacks*
and these 65 marks are only the ones i NEVER ATTEMPTED. hven include those questions which i may be wrong..

but seriously, i really had no mood to do lor.
and so... think i did only 3 or 4 questions, and i...
tralalas. believe it anot, u can ask jenny. LOL. i never even bring my curve rule and stuffs.
i feel so angry with myself.
angry with why hdnt i check which paper was 1st for the day and why i was late ._.

aye so in the end, SCREWED my Amaths.
its quite a blow to me you noe, im depending an A1 for it for my O lvls. TT

good lesson for me.

okay, enough of AMATHS! now its PHYSICS PAPER 1!

seriously, there's no time for this paper and so many questions on diodes came out!
dang. diodes are my killer in physics and all came out! like got 20% only the paper just on diodes lor. TT

teacher say time's up, && i still have a few questions yet to shade..
lalala. in the end tikam tikam!

see what alphebat i like then SHADE!
see which answers seems friendly then SHADE! XD


hmmms thats all for today.
tmr NO SCHOOL FOR ME! lalalala.
&& im heading to inez hse to watch some horror vcds we bought days ago and to play MAHJONGGGGGGGGGG!
hahah ytd i went her house to play mahjong and i won 10BUCKS!

tatas. to think i was losing half of my property after the 1st round.
but who knows, in the end i DI HU ( $9.6 in pocket liao) then after that still HU HU HU (4 tai!!)
hehs. recovered my losses and won 10bucks!.


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