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sorry for my disappearance from my blog the past few days.
didnt really felt like blogging.
anyways, blogged to say,


okok, stop muffing that that word "fast" under your breath. i could hear it from miles away.

i dont really feel like explaining to the whole world why that happened.
thanks to some of u guys who expressed concerned, bt somehow im unable to relate it, unless youre someone rly rly close.
im effing tired from that word "why", okays.

so if youre a reader of my blog, be smart and dont pop out that question. x)
actually, looking from another point of view, i could now seriously focus on my on coming papers.

&& yea. screw that bloody prelims. there was non which wasnt a killer paper.
except for today's geog i guess. questions were pretty easy but still... i screwed it a lil.
so now, here i ended up with a physics textbook and assessment book infront of me, and with a clock ticking away at 1.15am.

naive's just the word.
everything's like a game played on me.
it always are but i never learnt.
you'll nv know the aftermath it left me,
but i'll learn to be strong.
stuffs which i dont trust anymore.

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