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today's morning skies are simply georgeous! <3

i slept in school todayy!
like during geog lesson, english, biology and even during the SS lecture!
zai anot. hahahs.

well, all i can say is that the results i got back are demoralising enough.
hehes. alright, there you go on my update of results.

Emaths P1 : 71/80
Emaths P2 : 69/100
percentage : 77%

English P2 : 10.5/25
English Summary : 17.5/25
percentage : 66%

Biology P1 : 24/40
Biology P2 Section A : 27/50
Biology P2 Section B : 9/30
percentage : exactly 50%

Emaths was pretty sucky.. if compared to my class, most of them are getting 85-90%!
English was quite alright.. my score was around the average of the class.
&& for BIOLOGY! (the paper i studied til 4am of the wee hours)

i expected a failure for this paper. since i know i totally screwed up my sectionB paper 2. hahahs.
choops told us our paper 1 marks and ask us to calculate the overall marks ourself.
i was still pressing the calculator for the 24+27+9

i was like telling myself
" if i pass i can laugh man "
cause its like the total is 120 and i even got a single digit out of 30marks, and i doubt other sections could save much out of it.
and hell, i got a 60! LOLS. i immediately turned to juetong and say
"ehh u got how much? I PASSED LEH! 60 zhun zhun ar. XD"
and she replied "61" *laughs together*
hehs i didnt flunked it after all =3 choops said there's one D7 in the class & i thought i would be me.

alright here you go.
should i call it luck? XD

anyways, went to SS lecture today. seriously boring.
i tried doodling on my foolscap paper but i realised my drawing skills are so cmi.
hence tadahss. i decided to sleep!
LOL. sy deardear was like telling me she's tired and so i taught her how to sleep at the LT chair. HAHAS. so funny.
played the "Tower Bloxx" game on my phone BUT i CANT BREAK THAT RECORD.
an since john lim came to stood behind where our class was, i cant play anymore .___.

and so.. i drifted off to sleep (half-listening to nora lecture while sleeping)
and suddenly i heard her saying about students sleeping during her lecture.
Mdm norra : (....) i know there are some students sleeping in the LT, but at least they dont give me trouble. so i dont mind and dont bother them (something like tht lahs.)
then those people sitting around me who knew i was sleeping was like looking at me and um-chio. LOL. so i just opened my eyes and
Me : (laughing away) what? dont look at me lahs. see, she said i dont give her trouble de ma XD
*went back to slp again*

LOl. school hours are so long today. TT
lessons start at 8am till 4pm today! with less than an hours break for lunch and recess. sigh.

okay, this uber chio looking tortise was done by CHUA KAI XUN!
he wanted comments for this. hahahaha.
he's the dummy, not me :DDD

&& another random thing.
im having muscle aches!!!! sucks sucks ):
all thanks to PE lesson! played badminton doubles with kaiting against sze gee and derek.
we never count who win who lose, but in my opinion we trashed them! hahaha.

chou sze gee, make me run here and there now i
muscle ache. (!!!) just kidding XD

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