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i seriously have nothing to post today.
but i must say that nic's chalet post is coming up!
because there's quite a number of picts, im kind of lazy to do now since its midnight soon. =P

nearly late for school in the morning!
i duno why a particular bustop where there are 3-4 buses u could take, NONE came for 20min for so. 858 saved my life eventually and i made it on the spot for assembly. XD but still, i guess panda was late. XD

was totally lethargic during geog lesson and i dont know how i just dozed off like that.
LOLs. happy new yr luhs. i didnt took down his notes and how am i going to complete my geog tys! rawrrs. i survived lesson today.

i rmb i also dozed off towards the ending of teng's lesson and the next moment i opened my eyes, choops was in the classroom! hahah.
tmr im having 3 periods of lesson free in the morning (chem) and i guess i could catch up on some work, or perhaps, MY SLEEP! xD

surprisingly after school, william derek kaiting shiyun eeting and zihan, tgt we headed to the 925 coffee shop to eat! was a big eye opener for eeting. :x
cause she said she thought it was some ulu ulu coffee shop. hahah.
food there was nice. :D but shiyun deardear insisted on staying to wait her bbq chicken wings she've been craving for DAYS!

so ended up eeting and zihan left first, while the rest of us waited for like 45min!
had a good chat with the guys anyway. haha.

picts below are credited to my darling amanda!
hee. i didnt see these picts until i had done my own post. :x
and one of them got john's fren, Smurf inside! haha.

as you could see, we got scammed into playing pool!
was a complete noob at it and even smurf also duno! dangg*
ended up i being sabo-ed to LEARN. see, my teacher. *smiles*


hehs. this was taken by ama. obviously, she also tou pai! see what the guys doing!
also tou pai! haha. and yea, the malay guy behind is Smurf!

alrights i shall end here currently.
im bored.

(yes inez i got this quote from u. LOL)

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