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sorry for the late update!

hehs. was pretty busy over the pass few days, or rather i was a lil bit lazy xD
people are saying that i blog too frequently that by the time of their next visit to my blog, the post where they had stopped earlier would be gone out of the page. :x

oops. hehs. but anyways
i'll change the settings for how many posts to be in one window kays!

& yea, to address some, about those picts that appears at the top of my every post,
i got them
here! but must also know how to source ma! :x

some random picts i took beforehand first! x)

looks familiar? its on my bag! x)



my mum's off for the day, which mean i couldnt sneak out till anywhere.
mum at home = alot of housework to do = tired + no going out = no freedom
so straight after my breakfast/ lunch (since i woke up exactly at 12noon)
i did my homework!
did for around 2hrs plus before i got distracted again.
alot worksheets okay!

my mum said i 'huay ka'
cause i keep on want to go out. LOLs.
so in the end, ended up going to causeway to catch a movie "Money no enough 2" since its been like decades since she went to one. shun bian go shop shop!
so met up with my bro and his gf and did abit of shopping while waiting. went to metro and saw this jeans hot pants that i like! although it fits, but on the back one of the button (for design) was missing! was the last piece thou, didnt get it in the end. TT

fear of heights? XD



anyways for this movie, i'll rate it (2.5/5 stars) to me.
abit low, i know :x

Short synopsis

Ten-years since the first Money No Enough, local celebrity auteur Jack Neo’s “Money No Enough 2” returns to bring attention to the common man’s life in Singapore where the pursuit of money is a never ending passion.

The story revolves around three brothers from a middle-income background in contemporary Singapore. These are characters who are representative of the business owners, white and blue collar workers of Singaporeans.

starting of the movie was pretty good, but as the movie unfolds, it gets a lil bit boring. since you can already predict what's gonna happen, the ony thing that i can look for is those uber lame parts. however, there's only a few. the only part where i laughed real hard is when the ah ma keep on ask her son " have you eaten? " hahahs. go watch you'll understand what im saying.

a 2hour show, but just only half way into the movie im already looking at the time. however, if we look from another point of view, it does have its redeeming points.
like for e.g. it makes people do some reflection on yourselves, the feelings of an aged lady, her love for her sons, heart aching in some ways too.
it also managed to showcase typical singaporeans' behavior, and to portray the idea that making money is meaningless without the love of the family

&& besides, found a person's review on yahoo movies' webby : "People may find it boring as they can picture the outcome of the story line. But the fact is, this is the truth that Jack Neo wanted to address upon to public so that we can improve. "

Soooooooo, with both viewpoints up here, why not catch it yourself. ((:
afterall, how people view this movie depends on each individual. ((:
support spore productions! LOLs!

p.s. yi na i saw you! lols! :x

and as for schoolwork, it has almost became a routine.
i dont know why but nowadays im very much absorbed into my homework and stuffs.
the reason why i hadnt blog ytd was because i did my schoolwork till nearly 11!
came home, dinnered, and do till then. hahahas.

please keep the momentum going.

today had quite a few free periods, since choop's lessons are considered free as well. :x
things got boring and so jasmine, jenin, sinren, jennifer and i got pretty lame.
hahah. i was like trying to stack all the erasers on jennifer's calculator as high as possible, and the rest of them was trying to blow it so that it will topple down. laughed quite alot cause jenin and jasmine 'mei2 qi4!' HAHAs.

still got another instance when one ruler dropped to the floor then we linked to other stuffs.
i laughed till tears came out lorh! LOLs.
shall not elaborate :x lazy! XD

had a SS lecture after school again till 4.30
i must say, sabrina tan's english is so powderful!
yes powderful. no typo errors.

worse still, i forgot to bring my specs and i have to squint my eyes to see and COPY her slides which are of such BIG FONTS!
sense the sarcasm please.
got very fed up while copying her slides. cause whatever she writes on her slides DOESNT MAKES SENSE to the relating topic or either there's NO LINK. by the time i try to listen to what she's talking, she had already shot way infront like a bullet train.
complexitising everything.
i guess we have to approach john lim to go through her lecture AGAIN in class.
now you tell me this is worth of our time?


nevermind, enough of my whining.
i guess your eyes are tired from this pretty-long post!


Replies to tags!

search your name! x)
HOMIE- lols! mai stare luhs. xD
ANNE- anne anne annee~ hahahs.
CELESTA- AUGUST babies rockk! hahah. agreed upon x)
ELEPHANT- hmmmms. since when got december this month de? =x LOLs.
WEIFENG - ohh. must jiayous ar. sec3 le rights. jiayous jiayous :D
KAIXUN- chua kai xun! WANT DIE ISSIT! pacifyer i stuck into your mouth then got ar. lalala. nursery.. alamak i now then understand why your maths fail. your eyesight fails you too! :D
CHINGYUK- roarrrrrs. you and kaixun same har. yao4 ni hao3 kan4 ! lalala. dont look 17 de kid. LOLs
LUKHEI - oh hellos! :D thanks for tagging! kinda surprised x)
ZHIYAN- tadahhhhhs. search for answer from my blog! hehe.
JASMINE- ohh. hehe so you guys were at causeway point that day! XD

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