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im advertising photoshop version 7.0!
i feel so artificial! but hey, at least i do admit! xD

JASLIN has rotted and decomposed at home.

XD hahas. serious, i stayed at home the whole day doing nothing.
now im feeling guilty. hahas. perhaps i'll go mug abit later. XD
and anyways, what i wrote in my previous post is really nothing! just a passing comment.
the reason why im not looking forward to my bdae is that its during that bloody prelim and most of my friends are not really free for me. haha.

but luckily there's fabian! hahah. so, i got booked on monday by he and someone else.
which i think i know will be. LOls.
just finished watching the tv programme about tourism and got me got so interested once over again! (`cos tourism and hospility course has always been on my mind)
just that now i dont know which route to decide on. JC or Poly.

bahhs. but still, its still a long way to go!
wait till for O lvls results come out zai shuo :x


AND THIS! i found this on youtube. ;)
here here here for the link! now dont be lazy XD

ahahs. for those who are close to me should know what i've been up to lately. hahas.
and during the rehearsal a few days ago, i found out from the sec3s that
most of the sec3s are now into JUMPSTYLE.
while im into SHUFFLING instead. (w some others lahhs XD )

&&& the girl in black and pink her shuffling is like so awesome!

hahas. the common thing about these two is that the music they use are almost the same. the beats and etc. but there's of course a big difference in the dance lahs! XD

this video, from what the title says is shuffling vs jumpstyle lahhs. so i took this opportunity to introduce to you guys what both of them are! since there's quite a few who asked me about it. XD lucks for those who view my blog! =33 hahaha.




GUOWEI & ANDY & LOW & JASMINE - hahas. thanks for cheering me up! really nothing ^^ hahas. :DD thanks anyways!

WEEKIAT- hurhur. alrights! see what i tag on your blog okay XD

LAWRENCE- uhh? dont understand what you saying about :x haha

SHAWN- LOls. you meanie luhs. think luhs, its a FACT! hahah

HOMIE- rawrrr! whack you! poke very fun huh. i take bamboo stick poke u ar. LOL.

ZHIYAN- ohh. hahas i sees, but i wasnt late ma! i had a reason to go late XD and teachers allowed me to. XD

FABIAN- LOls. obviously TRALALA aint a brand! lols!

WEIFENG- hahas thanks for tagging!

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