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shall tell you why later!

while those taking sub science de people headed for home today,
i headed for school! LOLS.
raining super duper hard lor!
bo bian take cab to school! ><
emily dearie took this with my phone in random to compare some contrast.
so i just post it. LOLS!

went out to khatib to find tcher days cards material!
as usual, nothing THERE! grrrrs.
lunched quickly before heading to northpoint popular!
hahaha. poor classmates waited in class for like duno how long!

so when we get back there,
they said 'Merry Christmas' to us. HAHAs.
btw, the us refers to me deardear and kaiting.

im like super fed uppppppppp with the class!
everytime comes to such stuffs, ask the whole class stay,
sure got so many keep
finding excuses to run home!
dont know which one real, which one fake.

those who stayed back was surprisingly, william and co, szegee shixuan and co, johann deyi gaoshang sinren and one more.. but forgot, whereas jenin they all made a trip to amk hub to get presents! so the rest of us slogged away for the cards and boards!

must specifically mention them! hahah.
cause i know lee reads my blog. LOLS.
end up everytime is the WHOLE class gain credit one luhs.
wheareas some others went home and sleep or maybe others who went off to bake cookies!
fed up fed up! made us feel so bu shuang D:
ahhhs. H class is always like this.

NVM! hahaha. some funny stuffs to share!

you see.. we bought some twine (a kind of rope) and some green paint,
so the guys' jobs were to
dye the twine green color!
hahaha. by hook or by crook, they take the dirty job. LOLS.
no choice okay! who ask the guys washroom just beside our class. HAHAS!
fang bian leh!

anyways, thats not my main point!
when they finished dyeing it, need to dry it right!

hahahah. guess where they find the spot to dry~
wait for it~.

LOLS. he super funny lor! HAHAS.
no place hang then he go climb up from tcher's table,
then stood there and wait for the thing to dry.

cant stop laughing lor XD

but ended up he gave the fan green hair.
just hang it there wait for it to dry. LOLS.


anyways, so after that, we split ourselves into groups to do each teachers' board!
like got 6 boards lor!
>< me kaiting and sinren did one each seperately, while sy and some others handled lee's board!
hard work hard work!
hahahah. i like what i did for VIJAY!
simple and nice! and of course, with the notes from classmates yet to be pasted on it. x)

as i finished it first.. i went on to do ang mo teng's one!
hahah. did halfway and got chased out of school by security guard!
school closes early today cos tchers got function D:
so many boards done halfway! ><

tata :D


went to safra with classmates after that!
hee. of course, we brought clothes to change!
many others wanted to bowl, so ended up me kaylin and szegee were the only ones playing pool!
hahah. was smsing shawn and he said he'd pop by, since he's reaching yishun too from pasir ris.
LOls. he like fly here one lor. one min in pasir ris, next minute reach safra liao. LOL.

kaylin and szegee got bored awhile later,
so while they went out watch others bowl, pooled with shawn!
hahaha. i win him again luhs! his blackball went wrong pocket two times.

so around 7 we left the place~
own time own target, i walked home! XP
812 forever taking so long to come!
since shawn said he got nothing better to do,
he sent me home.
walked all the way from safra to home! which means, i walked home from SCHOOL today. HAHAS!
im not lazy! rawrrrr.
fabian fabian you gotta read this! LOLs.

homed and tata, now im blogging!

&& BTW!

im not performing tmr!

due to my super last last minute in my decision of joining the team and the team is sort of lazy to change routine. ++ the emcee said its unable to change the contents blah and whatever lahs.
&& im lazy to go form my rountine. LOLs.
so tmr i shall sit in the crowd and help inez jiayou da qi! XD


i know you've waited long! HAHAS.
the reason why im freaking pissed off and digusted is by


dont worry, not u my friends.
but those who randomly add people on msn AND i dont even know them

girls, im sure you all should be super familiar with what im gonna cite later on!

when it comes to unknown people talking to you or initiating a chat,
how many of them starts with

1. "hi"

and they disappears / never even replied on later!

2. "who are you, self intro?"

this is not friendster luh! and and and, my msn nick got my name so BIG cannot see meh!
rawrrrs. even if i self intro, [ jaslin, 16 ]
they never seems to be interested. the next super hot question they'll ask (& which i suppose their main point) is

3. "are you single?"

rings a bell? replied a yes, the following question would be

4. "can/want be my stead?"
5. "can i have your number?"

what era is this now huh? and this does not happens once or twice over a period of time.
its like almost every now and then!
ni bu fan, wo dou fan!

replied that because of privacy matters, i dont give / exchange numbers as i've learnt quite a few lessons. my next excuse would be bills exploded.
&& they'll be asking why and why and why. like for eg " for smsing only ma~ "
cant you see the word EXPLODED and NO for exchange of numbers?
exploded of course refers to sms lahhs! grrrs.

&&&, the next wonderful thing happens!
yea, so i guess
no number for them = waste time talking to you.
LOLS. so so so~ see the reason behind? LOL.


and one other incident!
i dont care if you're reading this post and im mentioning you!
there was this guy who added me on msn as well.
after those formalities like as those i've stated above, he went to my blog, which is here.
of course, its from my msn nick.

sure of course,
i do welcome readers who drops by, or even read my post. ((:


if you're not someone close to me, or someone i dont even know in realife,
you have no right to comment on me!

example! (copied and pasted from chat log)

" c ur blog lyk act so mugger "

wth. (haha, dont mind my language, XP ) i already said its my prelim period right?
EXAMS can? E-X-A-M. which part of it dont you understand hur.
i told him its my prelim period AGAIN and he said

" very act leh "

yes he typed it that way. stiu instead of still.
laoniang xp very close to you issit hur?
want act or not, its my blog. hur, i dont seem to be very close to you.
you have no right to comment!
not happy leave luh. i mug anot, not ur business! ;)



i didnt appear offline today, and as usual many pop ups from unknown people lahhs~
and there was this guy

self intro?

._. i replied very unwillingly.
and the next question,
which made me feel that i didnt need to be polite with.

he : "is it okay to get horny?"
me : my business?
he : "do you get horny?"
me : i dont see a reason to answer it.
he : "do you get sick at pubic hair?"

&& f.y.i, this person was

this isnt happening the first time kays!
if you're so ____ horny, get your ass out.

with all these crap and stuffs going on,
it prompted me to come here scold people! LOLS!

dont worry, im super chill now. XD


not my fault for being mean ar.
i've stated on my sidebar under my intro.
"im mean to online people and its aint my fault. XD"



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