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hurhur. as you guys know, since i played the whole day ytd, i've never touched any of my books.
afterall its emaths today, so i just flip through my textbook for like 5mins this morning before running out of house to catch the bus.

so, while i got to the bustop of my school de backgate there, i stood there and waited for deardear as usual.
leaning on the pillar there, i noticed something.

"how come today bustop like dont have any cchy people de? not even one cchy got off the usual packed 965"
THENNNNNNNNN. i realised,


i forgot
i forgot
i forgot its tuesday today!

school starts at 9am on tuesday for us, AND i reached the school at 7AM!
freakking two hours more!

wanted to bang my head against the wall luhs. LOL.
how can so GONGGGGGGGGG.

)): bo bian, walked to school luhs.
who knows when i reached school i saw
meixi and jianwei.
i was like "hur, how come they so early come"
who knows they also asked the same question. and we burst out laughing lahhs. LOLs.

so ended up, the three of us sat by the bench and whack flies.
HAHAs. serious luh. spent hours dazing into the air.
kaiting came earlier, and said the 3 of us so cute lahh. LOls.

to think i thought i was gonna be late and chionged to school


must be that much of my energy wasted staring into the air earlier on,
even when mdm yeo started giving out the paper, i was like
"oh drats, abit tired liao"

paper started, and im already stucked at the first question.
so i skipped to the back, did a FEW questions with my eyes half closed. i expect alot of careless mistakes luhs. i FELL ASLEEP CAN! LOLs.
everywhere on my answer sheet was full of correction fluid. pen inks here and there.
i still rmb i accidentally cancelled my correct answer. .__.
too bad, i never brought any water to the exam hall, and no sweets in my pencil case also!
was contemplating whether to go to the watercooler, which is like quite far from the exam hall.

so continued doing.. until really cannot take it le i went to take a sip.
LOLs. wasted quite some time thou. took my own sweet time there and back.
:x of course, with the accompaniment of mdm yeo.


went home today after lunching at LJS with deardear.
got knocked out when i got home. went to sleeeeeep!
now im currently taking a break from my bio. >< luckily i cleared quite a few chapters a few weeks ago. 7 to go!
god bless to those who have yet to study luhs. 21 holy chapters. :x

uhhh, as what sinren said, she cant find any candid picts of me on my blog.
here you go then. LOLS.
dont say dont have ler okay? XD

fabian ytd really butt itchy so took so much candid picts of others!
hahas. shawn in the one in white as well. (:

&& the coffeeshop opposite my house got ge tai!
hahahs. went there to chou4 chou4 re4 nao while buying dinner.


&& yea, forgot to mention,
we got our CCA certs today for verification!

i got an A1 with a total of 34points!
happy happy x)

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