Tuesday, August 12, 2008

i dont know what the hell has came over me.
i felt like a different person.
&& i dont like this character of mine.



after recess went up to the lecture theatre to enjoy aircon only :D
afterall i've gotten back my results earlier this year. ((:

can say quite a lot of them was half excited yet half worried.
some of my classmates cried, either some had top the class or failed their own expectations.
suddenly make me felt that getting an A1 w Dist is no easy task thou..

it reminded me of that time while we collected our own results slip, there was so much suspension in the atmosphere. i broke down even before i saw my actual results. hahas. come to think of it, its quite a memory ((:

guys, even if you had scored badly or have yet to meet your expectations, jiayous ok! there's another chance to prove yourself during the end of yr O lvls again (: you guys sure can make it! :D



should be somewhere next tues or wednesday.
all i can remember is that im the 2nd candidate for that day! *rubs hands*
oh wells... im always stuck with picture discussion! ><

anyways, after school ended, went to a nearby coffeeshop for lunch before heading back to class again! actually me, deardear sy and kaiting wanted to do homework & study one.
but when we got ack we saw ms teng in the class giving an extra lesson on oral on those who are interested in honning their oral skills.

so ended up sy and kaiting went to join them while i did my amaths and revised for bio.
surprisingly, i can multi-task so well. LOLs.
because i did my amaths homework while listening to music while listening to msteng. haha.
only when it comes to important parts only did i took out my earpiece. haha.

by the time ms teng end her mini lesson its already 6pm!
she's so good at linking things luh. from oral she can talk until God.
hahas. made some abit pissed off. hehe.
while for me, i finished my stuffs while i absorbed her lesson too.

alrights, blogging till here! x)

i cant wait for the weekends! town with my ama darling!
lotsa chatting to catch up XD

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