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anyways, in short,
happy teachers day too all in advance! ;D

since it isnt 1st sept today. :b
hahahs. hope you teacher's like what we've given you!
we took great effort and time and most imptly, sincerity into it!

lotsa seniors came back today also.
saw peggie! XD
performance was not bad too. except towards the back.
mrs peck even teared during the video of sec 4B i think. x)

i like mr lee's present!
we gave him a soccer ball with all our signatures on it!
hehs. and of course, for those who've seen it, a card with a tree, with all our words of appreciation on it :DDD

hope you like it! and grats to mr lee for receiving the caring teachers' award!
hahah. asked u to read my blog is to let you know our effort in all those things! =P
not abt that award. hahaha heard wrongly!

anyways, sze gee asked him : "mr lee, hua1 hi4 bo? "
which simply means happy anot in hokkien or something.
Mr lee
" hua hi lahs! "



mandie darl, sy deardear and emily dearie!

hahahs. its darl and dearie who accompanied us =P

supposedly to buy dresses for tmr's party! :b
shall elaborate more abt it tmr luhs. :DDD
hahahs. i spent over 80bucks today! :O
seriously, i've never spent so much within a day luhhs.

but afterall, its alright to splurge once in a PURPLE moon.

bought like 2belts, a dress, stilettos from Heatwave, blacktube && a wristband(or whatever u call it) sums up to around 80 luhhs.

my stilettos took the longest of time to buy, as i walked from 4th to 1st floor and from 1st floor to 4th floor repeatedly to find one which i really liked :x
hahah. whereas sy deardear bought her violet top! XD

hur. intending to dress up nicely cause the party is held in a hotel which we're yet to be informed of, so yea.

and as you could see, we walked the whole day and ended up squatting here and there.
LOLS. kidding luhs. but seriously our legs are aching! D:
emily dearie say we 3 looked so cute like that and snapped a pict. LOLs.

anyways, thanks to girlfriends for accompanying!


slacked around to pei emily wait for her mum && trained home around.. 7.20.
was msging shawn when he suddenly ask if i need people pei me home anot.
i just said anything and surprisingly, he came luhs!
waited for me a comics connection there.

he biked here and so he gave me a ride home & he went home also.
hahas. thanks uh dumbdumb :D

my white stiletto.


hhahas. emily bought something similar to this tgt with me :DDD
but actually, this can be counted as my belated bdae prezzie from sy deardear (((:
surprisingly, we (me and emily) usually like the same kind of stuffs and in the end, sy and ama was like comparing me and emily tgt. lols!

like our size, our small sized shoulders, our preference to stuffs and alot lahs~
hahahs. XP

lalala. and so, i managed to convince my mum most of my stuffs were belated presents.
if not i wont live to be blogging here. LOLS!
maybe heading to weitien's house tmr before heading out!

and now now now..


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