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first things first,

I've REVAMP-ED my frenster profile!

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As for ytd which is thursday, our school organised the
was part of the national day celebrations thou.

we donned our 3H'07 class tee once again!
its like striking blue so whenever we see one blue dot then we'll know
- oh. thats who-who-who.

in the morning had some stuffs in the hall,
which im too lazy to elaborate.
sing-along sessions and watching powerpoints and videoclips and etc.

aruond 9 we were released to go walk around the bazaar ;D
but walk walk walk till around 11am then abit sian sian ler.
hahas. played some games here and there and bought some food to eat. (:

so at around 11+ thomas called me, ask me to go join them (sec5s)
wanted to try and sneak out of school to go his house play!
after all we ALL are bored.
so off we went to the building near the front gate to spy on the security guard.
hehs. its because we are not allowed to leave the school until 1PM.
pathetic us.
so while the security guard turned around, matthew and another 2 (forgot name)
tried to walk out. too bad the security guard saw and went after them.
KENNETH NG came out!
and we all zhao lor! LOLS.

so had nothing to do, i joined some of my peeps who were slacking at the parade square.


and here's kaiting for you! hahas.

and sam fell asleep in the end under the sun.
sleep take 1.

and so, some of the girls went off to place join a mini game
step each other's balloon. LOLs.
since im scared enough by the bursting of balloons, i didnt took part! ahahas.
its hilarious to see them also kays. :D

trying to attack some of the survivors!

and as the parade square slowy became a stove, we headed to join the other part of the class who was at the sports all. (:

some of the stalls.

but mostly of us were drawn by this game.

in this game, there's a ball on top of the mattress and you're to try and get it.
be it by stepping on the green mattress or etc. hahas.
and so,there were quite a number of guys trying to play this.
challenge the height!

and there there.
we camwhored abit and look!
look at the eyebags im having!
oh my tian.

but then again,

who in 4H doesnt have it?

shuting and me!
ages since we took a pict tgt :D


and the guys are forever so bored. LOL.
went over to toupai them

sam on the left and deyi on the right.

eeting and me.
no idea why this pict seems so weird.

meixi eeting and me!
a pict with the flower.
LOLS. bo liao i know.

zihan and eeting!

anyways, sorry for the different tone or colors for some of the picts!
cause not all are taken from my phone ;D


so at around 1pm wanted to go join the sec5s to go thomas' house at bishan,
my classmates made a last minute plan to take picts for the a video thats coming up!

its like wth?
so last minute when i was about to go off?
and moreover so many of them dily-daly. TT

and so as not to let the sec5s wait for me,
asked them to go off first, later zai wait for me.
feel so bad luhs. everytime make them wait, make me like so dua pai.

bahhs. sui bian lahhs.
after 1 or 2 shots, off i went!

there there,

i travelled to bishan - alone. ._.
met up with the rest of them at interchanged and went to thomas house.

he had two doggs!
he said one small one medium size.
to me is already 1 medium sized, 1 BIG lor. TT

hahaha. his dog very lihai in dropping fur all over the place.
LOLs. ended up with the dog in the kitchen not allowed to come out. hahah.

played mahjong again!
played 2 games! (1 game = dong nan xi bei)
for those who dont know about mj! hahas whatever lahhs.

managed to win $3 at the end of the day. still okay lahhs. better than losing.
opened 2 tables! heard from cel that she lost $12.
like so zomg. ><

and so the others played taiti too.
their rules of the game : the one with the most cards left at end of each game will be beaten!
hahahs. eg you left 7cards, you will be beaten 7times by the other 3 players. HAHAs.

so i played one game, thanks to samuel that i won. haha.
samuel happy? hahahaha. XD
so, thew was left with 6CARDS! hahahas.
so the other 3 players rained blows on his arm.
hahahs. that included me but i was lenient okays!

dinnered at J8 before we headed home around 8 or 9 x)
reached home at 9.30. i think

yet another random pict taken at pizzahut days ago!
hahah. jiexin looks so toot.
see! he's drinking coke! hahah.


and one other thing,


hahas. its raining now and my time is now 3.26pm.
i wonder if the rain would stop in time.
there's thunder okay! hahahs.

lets see if it wil break the record anot. :x
as for the past 42years, during the national day parade there's no rain!
either there's no raining on that day or the rain had stopped in time.

=D tatas.

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