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my O lvls oral are creeping nearer as time passes!
on wednesday! just saw dearie's blog about her oral. hehe.

too bad im the 2nd one to be tested that day! no tips on whether it's an easy or hard paper.
ahhhhh. im worried.
okay, i know lamenting here makes no sense. LOls.

today's SS paper i chiong-ed like dont know what! i was still wondering why O lvls dont allow us to bring keyboards in. then i could sure finish in time! hahahs. :x
didnt finish my SBQ questions as usual. i cant imagine if the same thing happened during O lvls.

for HCL paper1 ! its like hard like dont know what can! i spent my first 20mins staring into the paper without writing a single word .___.
i even went to flip the paper over to see who's the setter can!
i cant see whats the problem with him (...)
killer paper! i see guess i will also see no hope in my paper 2


hahas. take a closer look, its nicolette! LOls.
after paper today went to long john eat with germain nic cel samuel jonathon and thomas.
hahah. after eating we stayed there play here and there and ended up ka-chiaoing each other.
LOls. everyone tio luh. and poor nic, they tried to pinch her cheeks!

hahahs. we are still joking about thomas fixing time to specially go home bathe his dog. so funny! hahahs. after that went to Macs for 2nd round of slacking. lols!

homed later on. i took a nappp!
i suddenly love rainy nights((: ♥

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