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@ Orchard Meritus Mandarin Hotel

that's the function i attended! hehs. chill chill, i know and we know we didnt perform anything for NDP, by right we shouldnt be attending it.

but thanks to laoshi for reserving one table for us! :DDD

hahas. early in the morning went to weitien's house to meet the other girls!
which included amanda, shiyun, emily, and clarrie :D

put on make up and stuffs and etc and all headed out!

weitien and sy deardear said my dressing is like
sweet gothic.
hahahs. :x

while waiting for the bus to take train!
i wore stilettos that day.. but
still short!
cause all of us wore heels. hahas :b

me, weitien, sy, clarrie and emily.
ama was the camera gal!

there's ama~ hahah.

closer up. =p
it looks like as if sy's our big sister luhs. hehe

and wherever we went, people turned to look at us luh.
serious, and clarrie was like saying that when we walk there's wind. LOLS.
&& when we boarded the train, clar said that everybody turned again.
they didnt looked at who we were, but their first attention was our heels. hur. funny luhs.

headed for cineleisure after that!
since we were still early, went to burger king for some finger food, since most of us hadnt had anything for that day.

and and and despite wasting time there at BK, we still have abt an hour more to go before we go to the hotel, thus went pooling!
played with ama and emily!

ok, so i was playing with ama halfway while i heard one guy walking past behind me saying : "the black girl.. where ar?"

and since this guy was like turning his head around, he saw me. afterall i was standing behind him by my table.
then, i forgot what he said, but this guy said that what his friend over there wanted my number.
i looked around, but since the whole place is like uber crowded, im too lazy to see who it is lahhs.

then there comes this another guy, .___.
he helped the first guy ask for my number again.
grrs. i was like looking to ama and emily they all and all they could do was only to look back D:
the guy damn irritating can!
he was like saying : you give me your phone number lahhs, then we will go off and blah.
say cannot liao still stand down there. zz.
then the other guy continue : yaluhs. give us we wont disturb ler.

keep on say "cannot" they dont understand luhs! qi si wo.
in the end, relented in giving them. at least i have my peace!
at the very most, i dont reply to whoever that smsed me.

not bad, they moved their butts!
so me and ama continued our game, and awhile later they
one whole group came over.
think.. got 6 or 7 of them. think got more lahhs~

they treated the kpool machiam a socialising place luh.
so they came over, see see which one they prefer and ask for number.
LOL. shiyun deardear got targeted also.
so cute luhs! the person even asked her "how old are you"
hahahas. from what sy said, the person said they are 18. some army. hahah.
in the end
sy gave her MSN.
then ltr they were like saying "white one white one"
LOL. so it meant emily.
hahah. 3rd target. but emily didnt gave i think, and they walked off after that.

so, awhile ltr songrong called us to meet at the hotel and we left the place.


so funny luhs, we had to disguise as nanhua people to go in.
cause only the nanhua ppl no need to scan IC, so laoshi told us to mingle with them and go in. hahah. took some time before we settled down!

due to the seats arrangement and stuffs, shall not elaborate but thanks to the guys!

saw alot of PA people. so long never see them le luhs!
hahahs. misses! ♥

they had special lighting effects on the table!
starrs. haha think emily is most delighted at it :DD

keep on rotating de luhs.

LOl. boredom created this.

after some waiting and introductory by the super high emcee,
We started out with the appetisers, i think. XD

following by it is some buffet style stuffs.
quite alot of food, but our table was mostly plates of cakes! hahah.
taste superb can :D

ate finish ler, and while waiting for duno what~
everyone camwhored! hahas.

actually this was taken while waiting to go in.
i dont know where i looked to.
LOL. blurring of the background i didnt make it de kays!

me and star of the day. =P
shiyun! hehe.
lots of guys dying to take picts with her okay!
this pict is super valuable. LOLS.

somehow, we looked shagged in this pict D:

2nd take!

and this is yixia! ♥
hahahs. she and her phototaking skills :x
half of her dear face is gone!

(i think i looked like carroll in this pict! hahah. carol you reading this? XP )

and there she is!
this time i took the phone :b

my cutest shaynana. ♥ hahaha.


so after some time, the emcee took the mic again.
started off some series of activities and games.
hahah. he really can bring our moods up to the peakk!

lots of stupid actitivites luhs! but interesting :DD

had cups on the table, and we took it to form something like this.
but due to its unstable base, we changed it to...


pretty isnt it? lighting effects again.

time for the champange!
hahah. actually is isnt. just some sparkling grape juice. LOLS!
which meant no matter how you shake it, it wont pop out like champange. XD

they were so scared that thing might pop out. HAHAs!
check out the faces =p

weitien pouring!

and toast to 3 yaam-seng :D
blurred pict. paisehs. XD


5, 4, 3, 2, 1

hahahs. the sec fours!
with sy joining us below ;D

1, 2 , 3, 4, 5, 6 :DD

&& the upper sec CCHY girls with mr low aka laoshi!

activities continued on, like guys doing pole dancing, girls sexy dance, uber cute drum performance by "real" instruments and stuffs like chicken dance and running about the table and sit down when music stops. LOLS.

funny and interesting overall :DD
the thing
lasted till about 10 or 10plus i think.


stayed around for awhile before we all decided to leave!

actually took some group photos at the outside.. but
i dont have the picts with me.
its with shimin! rawr. she havent send me the picts jiu run off le. LOls!
so now, only she have the picts. D: dont know how to get from her now.

so the whole cchy gang left tgt, with some PA people lahhs.
hahah. some funny stuffs happened (as predicted by us) and yea, shant elaborate.
actually shayna they all wanted to walk down to plaza sing since there's time.

but most our legs are aching due to the heels!
tired luhs, walked the whole day.
and its like not the heels are short D:
headed off for the train. (:

was smsing shawn beforehand and he said that he was in the area.
thus he say he'll wait for me at somerset mrt last cabin.
funny luh he, scared that i will get kidnapped by bangala on my way home so want to send me home. LOL.

so while we reach the station, we're at the first cabin there.
and the train just reach!
no time to call shawn so the rest of them went off while i walked to the other end to look for him.
so paiseh luhs! he was with his friends and i think he made them to pei him wait for me.
LOL. i so DUA PAI! :DDD good thing. HAHAs!

but at leeast i was spared from the awkardness as he came over.
i no need go over ma, since i duno most of themm.
trainned back to yishun then.


&& there's this HEIHEI on the train while on our way back.
he was standing behind me leaning against the door on this packed train.
then thennnnnnnnn, around bishan or amk or what, this HEIHEI squatted down/ sat on the floor behind me.

dont know wth he want to do lor.
AND my dress is like SHORT that day can?
squat down just behind me .___. and of cus, i not that dumb not to wear anything below my dress lahs! got my black hotpants kays. .___.

so i
shifted abit to the side, but still no place to shift to.
and then shawn was like telling me " ehh your dress today very short leh "
i replied i know, and luckily he asked me to stand infront of him. haha.

and that HEIHEI stood up again later lor! ._.


got off, went to interchange to wait for bus while eugene came along.
hahah. this guy whom i've seen almost everyday last year at my bustop, i get to know this guy only on my bdae this yr. LOL.

he just lives behind my block luh.
ohya and so, dumbdumb sent me home. ((; thanks!

too tired to blog ytd, paiseh about it! XD

&& i so love my nails!
i showed my mum like give her a glance only, and she replied
" HUH? FAKE NAILS AR? you go do medicure? "
LOL. funny luhs she.


alrights, and here i am ending the post!
sorry for the delay of post. spring cleaned my room the whole day!
all thanks to mum, she's on leave today and force me do spring cleaning.
its not like as if tmr's CNY! sighhs.

and for our views on the thankyou party, hahas. me and ama was like saying, we feel as if we dont belong there. hahah. afterall, we didnt perform or anything :x
so, not that high for us and stuffs lahs!

BUT nvm! next year we will be participating once again!
hahha. AND GOOD NEWS !



no floating platform!




Jennifer- hahahs. yea u too! hurhur. school reopen cannot relax le :b
Kaixun - hur, since when i say i sing with inez? LOL. blur king leh u!

Shawn- what shifu! no luhs. kok your head! knock knock*

Weifeng- ahahahs. you never fails to tag! thanks!

Bob- hahah. BANANA! lalala.

Thew- supp supp! hahah. duno leh, maybe ppl de de signboard just nice same same. HAHAs! ehhh, ookkays. i try buck up luhs! ;DD

KAITING- hahahs. sure sure! x) thanks for the tag!

&& anyways, i just remembered something.
my status now is still SINGLE okay!

grrs. bu yao luan luan jiang! and i think this answered quite a few of you who have been asking me! x)


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