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on such a nice saturday morning i had to drag myself to school!
surprisingly, which i must say,
i didnt fall asleep for 3hrs of physics! *claps*

hahahs. anyways, classes ended at 12.30 before me and sy deardear lunched at kfc and headed for causway point! x)
actually wanted to go walk around see if i wanted anything for my bdae so sy could buy for me. but walked here and there ended up with nothing i want..

but at least i bought something for myself! bought myself studs ((:
was at X-Craft when we saw 2 girls around age 14 doing their nose piercings. hehe.
loitered around, and even went to popular to check out what's happening, afterall there seems to be a long queue from outside popular.
being kaypo enough, we went to check it out and it was

Russell Lee!

the famous ghoststory writer. hahahs. sure u can recognise at first glance de lahs ;D
masked man. he has a husky voice! doesnt sounds asian thou..
walked till around 3+ or 4 before we headed home. (:

went home to bathe before going off to kaixun's house!
my mistake, his bdae is on 3rd Aug instead on 2nd. hahahs whatever lahhs.
couldnt ton at his house and so im back home here right now.


its so ironic. in my class, im only the august baby. but when it comes to the sec5 cliques, alot of them are aug babies! includes kaixun shengxiong celesta and anne ;D
but nonetheless, im still born on the latest day as compared. xiaomeimei ._.

quite many people at kaixun house, lazy to name them. mostly sec5s. ((:
played mahjong while some of them went off to cycle or bball, and i won around $3+ afterall.

could u spot me? XD

sheng xiong is super duper funny today.
he's uber RANDOM && keep on entertain himself one. LOLs.

and tatas,
i homed around 10pm. ((:

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