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results are backkkkkkkk.

i think i topped the whole class!
from the bottom of course. :X

heard from mr lee that the highest points in 4H for L1R5 is 30pointers.
what i got back for my L1R5 is 29 29 29!!
L1R4 22 !
of course, my mother tongue A1 wasnt calculated.
if i had used my A1, my L1R5 would be a 26.
how am i to pass my result slips for my mum to sign? ._.
to be frank, sometimes i feel SERIOUSLY tired for being in the 1st class.
ever since primary school.
everyTHING everyONE everyBODY is all about

hehs. surprised that the previous one whole chunk of my whining and frustrations gone?
my anger has dissipated and thus i decided to delete whatever i posted earlier on.
good for those for saw it last night, too bad for those who didnt. hahas.

on a much general term,

anyways, while waiting for HCL lessons i saw one pencil case balanced on shuting's back.
then they were like saying : hahah shuting, your bag got good balancing skills xD
LOLs. and, being lazy to carry mine i put mine on top of the other pencil case. LOL.


dont worry there's no robbery, no flasher from that circled unit. HAHAs.
just that im very pissed off (yet again) by some immature acts of that room owner.

for the past few days, that damned person (super immature) got himself a LASERPEN, and during night time he (i suppose is a guy, or rather a BOY) would use it to shine to our unit repeatedly despite warnings.

like for example, one night my mum was washing dishes in the kitchen and i suddenly heard her bellowing " shine somemore, i'll make sure i call the police "
&& afterwards she told me someone from this unit had used the laserpen to shine it on her. wanting to disturb her of course.

the next night when i walked to the kitchen to get something from the fridge (lights not on), i saw something flashing on my fridge door. not being able to register what was it, i got a mild shock. and suddenly i remembered about what happened the night before.
i remember i shouted a very loud " OI! " to the opposite unit.
this damned person, obviously didnt know better, (pardon my language) which i suppose he doesnt understands human language, continued to shine into our unit. qian bian ._.
immature kids.

hahahs. i just realised i had been bottling so much within me that now im like scolding everyone.

LOLS. tmr's physics. its getting bored. ):


time now : 12.50


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