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this suits my mood now :/

im no longer looking forward to my bdae.

i shall blog everything in point form today!

  • geog paper was easy, but then still mistake all over the paper
  • HCL was totally a killer paper
    spent half and hour reading a passage which i dont understand.
    and so i read and read repeatedly and nearly fell asleep
  • wanted to strangle oh kian tee.
  • had physics rememdial again. lee talked to me.
  • watched 12 lotus, not bad.
  • homed.


  • WEIFENG- hahas. :DD
  • ANDY- LOls. dont need to tempt me luhs. you self-claim holiday one! nevermind, mine in one week's time!
  • FABIAN- hahahs. FBT! LOls. lalala. who ask you call me fb! hahaas!
  • SHAWN- hee. i so gentle! where got fierce! :3
  • CELESTA- huh what thing kidding and drama? hehe. XD
  • ZHIYAN- replied you via blog! XD

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