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went out with mandie darling today!

met her at northpoint around 1+ before we headed for townnnnnn!
chatted alot and shopped!

although shop not much. hahah.
bought quite a few accessories and one white handbag for myself!
think nic and anne would be able to guess which bag. hahah.

darl and i was saying : i think we are the only ones in our sec4 level who will still go out shop today lorhs.

hahahs. cause tmr im having my SS + HCL prelim paper! hehs.

its been such a long time since im out with darl! and finally i can find someone to go shopping with me! hehe. as in, really do shopping for yourself. usually if go out with one big group so paiseh one luhs. like they have to wait if you wanna see something. XD

shopp till around 4 and we got bored!
so off we went to kill time on the train. LOls.

thanks darling for accompanying me! ;D

homed around 5+!

and my bro is mahjong-ing at home! LOls.
play till dinner time before my eyes got glued to the TV.

Singapore's first medal to end the 48 years medal drought!
hahas. i only watched the beginning only. cause the fengXX (forgot name liao) and Lijiawei keep on give free balls. hahah. cause their pingpong ball either flyy into the sky or never hit till the table. ><

see until cant bear to see already, so off i went to blog. haha.

ahhs, nvm. At least we can settle for a silver! XD


&& zixian is like pestering me to mention about him.
LOLS. kidding. he wants me to GO STUDY!
kaykays, in a moment! ;DD


Zhiyan - hahas. thanks bud! XD will cheerup d. hee. and yeapps, for our school now got 2 prelims luhs. lucky you, that time only have one! hahas.

Celesta- WELCOME! hahas. hope you had fun! XP

Homie- roarrrrrrr. its so unfair!

Dennis- hahas, alrights, linking you up soon! link me too kays? XD

Kaixun- huh?

WEIFENG- ohh. hahas. at least got read ma. XD hehe.

thats all for today! i blogg a super long post.

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