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alrights, this are the current grades which i have with me. dont know if there'll be any more changes as i've heard that there's some moderation going through. okayy,.. i got a 17 for my L1R5. saddd. i dreamt that i got 16 can! LOL.

anyways, for those who are not sure whats going on, the L1R5 calculated for the end of prelim 2 will go by choosing the better grade of the two. [ which for example, my amaths which got a F9 during prelim 1 and B4 during prelim 2, the grade taken for my amaths subject would then be B4. ] ((:

so of course, there HAD to have some improvement in the L1R5 lahhs.
anyways, you see i've labelled the "w HCL" and "w exp CL". its because in the report card, the tcher help us to calculate our result without taking our O lvl express chinese which we took last year. a1. so, calculated myself luh. my HCL is forever CMI. && i mean it.


slept through chem period as it wasnt really my business. :x LOL. i dont take chemistry! winks* and i only heard that what all our subjects will be HAVING ANOTHER MOCK EXAM next week. gosh. cant i have an end to exam exam and more exammms?

school passed pretty fast today. met my mum at yishun interchange before she brought me to balestier road there to pray or something. took 851, take until want fall asleep! prayyed.. and waited freaking long for the bus 145 to toa payoh interchange. its not me who's impatient.. but... i waited for an AT LEAST a GOOD HALF AN HOUR! grrrs.

anyways, dont know what's the prob with me again. been having like 1 meal a day and soup for dinner? LOL. which sometimes i even skipped it. (not counting recess). take ytd for an example. skipped lunched, skipped dinner. which mean that the only meal i had was during recess ytd.
and for todayyyy, only have 5mins for recess! as most of us were busy checking maths paper during maths which extended into recess. ate like only a few sushi. pratically starving when the bell rang off again. lessons. had my lunch at 4+pm and there i am, skipped dinner. LOL. :x

ah, whatever.
physics remedial tmr. i thought i was let off by lee to only attend ONE of the TWO remedials. which he says he'll repeat the same thing for both. so for those who attended tmr, need not go on saturday.
and as usual, he loves me too much. despite an A1 i still have to go tmr. despite attending the remedial tmr, i STILL have to go on saturday mornings to hear him repeat. i seriously see no need in that luh. rawrrr.

nothing much to update. daily happenings! :DDDD
school is so much about the prom thing. arghh.



Andy- hahah. where got boxim! is never go disturb ur life ar. should be happy! hahah

Emily- hehes. :b great minds think alike. LOLs. not bhb okay! hahaha. jiayous for O lvls alright!

Kaixun- ahahah. see me with vulgarities that interesting ahh :DDD LOL. shall use on you okay? dont worry. LOL. andd, my limbs are REAL can. the pot calling the kettle black. tsk tsk.

DD- LOL! anger management remedial. hahaha. i've got more than enough remedial luh. starting to get on my nerves liaos! hmmm? what zhu that you haven known? youself? haha. i got CCTV anyways, of course know your character! hahaha. yea i can be ~~~~~ ;D you also can! must be worst than me. hahah. blah, whatever, anything. :D

Passer- uhh, i got it from far east plaza. basement lvl, forgot shop name thou. ((:

Kirakuni- zomg? i havent link you! must be lost! alamaks. paisehs! be up soon :DDD

Homieh- you and yourrr...... UNLOGICAL LOGIC! miehhhhhhhhhhh. :D

Zhiyan- ohhhh. thanks! the most pleasant thing i've heard today! :b

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