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alrights, while im waiting for derek to help convert the format of a song for the vid, here i shall blogged! haha. was pretty immersed in my video before i realised time was THAT late.
im happy! the FIRST part of the video is done. hahah. two more to go. arghhh. but the sense of satisfaction is great! hahah. shall show you guys the video another time. x)

anyways, after school, eeting, kaiting, shiyun derek and chijie came over to my house again. to rush out some more of the vid. luckily it was quite fruitful today. given that they spent only around 3hours at my house till 7 before they left! haha.

and, i suspect derek has a screw loose whenever he comes into my room. LOL. he would start talking in somewhat he assumed to be a stuffed toy (whichever he lands his hands on) and starts disturbing the others. LOL. darn funny can. hahah. think kaiting got influenced and she started talking like this whenever she has a stuffed toy in her hand. LOL.

anyways, accompany them to take their bus while i walked around the neighborhood to see if there's anything to buy. walked everywhere when i suddenly walked past this road. hahah. the road which my childhood is strongly attached with. hahah. think you guys dont understand. lalala.

and so when i came home, i saw his super big moon. LOL. not that i didnt see it ytd, but today appeared super large o.o hahah. okay i know it looks small from the pict and the pict quality is like super bad, but try imagining if you're the one taking this pict. hahah.

& being random, i've SEEN the planet mars with my eyes before! yes, its mars. you guys still remember anything about that? should be years ago :b

anyways, its back to MOCK EXAM PERIOD! THREE WEEKS STRIAGHT! argh.

we were like saying : everyday mock mock mock. instead of doing the mock paper, the paper is mocking at us now. .____. got that twisted sense of humor?

its emaths tmr. yet to do anything about it. arghhh~ and now, the GREAT thing is, derek dced. hoho.

anyways, here you go, something i found randomly on youtube again! not shuffling. hahaa.

hehs. although seems pretty lame infront, continue to watch! hahaha. its the middle part thats DARN FUNNY! hahah. the way the person sings and strums his guitar. LOL.
click here here for the url!


Homie- hahaha. nor~ seen liao lor. LOL. your previous tag was replied there cause you just tagged there the moment i've publish my post. haha. so replied there lo.

CY- hahaha. should i call you xiao di di or da ge? hahah. alrights! thanks! :D

Zhiyan- huh? dont get you. why dont stay home on a sat evening? hahah. XD

DD- lalala. you cant force anything out of me~ hahah. lalala. wake me up also not kok my head!

Fabian- hur? about what interesting? hahaha. FBT!

Emily & Cailing- replied via your blog. ((:

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