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amazing how time flies, and poof* the clock strucks midnight and now its 1am.

IM UTTERLY HAPPYYY! my smile beaming from side to side.

what seemed like a never-ending class graduation vid, now its FINISHING! and of course, finishing, not yet finished. hahah. remembered ytd where i said it's only 1/3 done? now its like mostly done, just left with some transitions, slides and effects to put in. tadahs! anxious for the end results! :DDD

and, of course making the video is like so hell time consuming! with that, it would mean that i've seriously never touch any piece of physics worksheet or what-so-ever. hahah. BUT, i would have like 3 periods in the morning to study? wahahah. chemistry period! maths was after chem, but it's forever a free period. so... more time to study. hmmms, since like there's no lesson at all tmr o.o

anyways, today's ss lecture was funny. not that the sabrina tan was funny, but more of rather our class. LOL. think only 4G and 4H had the highest turn up of students. afterall both our teachers were around. for the rest of the class, a total of their attendance is DEFINITELY less than 40. hahah. anyway, no interest in her lecture, and our class kept on blabbering away. LOL.

sunshine was uber intelligent lahhs! hahah. cause she put her bag outside the lecture theatre before she went in empty handed for the lecture, of course, she just sit there and CHAT. hahah. but as the lecture grew to became more boring, she stood up. requested for a visit to the washroom. TADAHS! gone.
a visit to her house's washroom. ahahah. she went home. LOL. clever right! next time must learn. hahaha.

alrights, time for shuteye! tadahhhhhhhs,
night earthlings!

TAGS REPLIED TMR! wahaha. lazy bums.

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