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oops, post gone. haha.

anyways, not spoiling the mood, found some picts of my classmates! and of course by candid cameras, i got caught inside lahhs. hahah.

those days in sec3! i repeat, SEC THREEEE! :b

and our forever sexy curvy feminine LIM DE YI! hahaha. 100% GIRL GIRL OKAY!

and of course, not forgetting how much we love each of our classmates. HAHAS!
i seriously duno what was happening when they took this pict. is derek trying to kiss william? LOL. scandalous~

and tadahs! my boyfriend! LOL. kidding. its our fellow classmate chanatip. (((: haha. someone who had left us earlier last year to go back thailand. and due to health reasons, he decided to continue his studies there. hahah. he looks much suave now lo :D from the pict. hahah.

alrights, thats all folks up till now. i need to get something to eat! im starving now. for the whole day i only had a packet of sushi for recess, one bowl of porride & bubbletea for lunch. my food intake for the day. LOL.


Kaixun- haha dont sian lahhs. jiayous for O lvls!

DD- LOL. i where got complain! hur hur? blur* LOLS! hahaha. CAB ma. heehee. i refer to looks ma. ok lahs. never say your character. HAHAs! uhh, spy on your bro where got bian tai! HAHA.

Homie- hahahs. yea.. hopefully. but everybody improved :/ never improve jiu jialat uh >< Fabian- hahah yea his twin bro. suddenly pop out one. LOL. XD hmmmms. hopefully :b

Hannah- hee. no lahhs. cause i screwed up prelim 1, thats why it seems i've improve. heehe. alright, thanks! jiayous for your O lvls too!

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