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can you believeeeeeeeeeeeee?

im so slow with things that i took nearly 12hours to do up my blog. LOL.

something to mention beforehand, yellow is not my fav color but it somehow looks sweet enough. LOL. and it suits the new pict. (:

hahas, not that exaggerating lahhs~ mum was on medical leave today, which meant that im confined to four walls ):
oh wellls. had nothing to do at home, and decided to change blogskin!

was just a random thought at first. since i know little about html codes, decided just to change the main pictures to my zilian photos! wahaha. which girl isnt zilian u tell me! lalala.
so, i took my time in doing the picts.

had a tough time resizing the picts to perf size and i had to jump from photoshop to paint, and from paint to photoshop again :/ afterall its easier to resize picts in paint.
having done that, switched back to photoshop to add on some brushes here and there.

and, I FORGOT.
that all my brushes were gone after my comp was reformatted :/ had to spend time go source again. took quite sometime before its done! have to upload to photobucket to get the codes. and! who knows i still have to do resize there! super ma fan! D:

finally get the sizes and stuffs done,.. copied to my template. being a html noob, blog doesnt looks nice. dont know what happened to the background. wanted to give up luhs.


after dinner played around with the background color. i still remember i approached a few who were online! they included andy, shawn, clarlynn and carroll. XD hahas.
decided on pale yellow.

and.... finally! emily dearie came online!
what intended was just a few simple questions on html turned to be a HTML codes lesson from her. hahaha. since i requested to learn :b
she's super patient! hahah. bombed her with questions all the way till 2am! taught me some stuffs here and there.

okay okay, for those who knows alot about html stuffs, stop laughing!
zixian just told me that my CSS codes got over a thousand errors. LOL.
pour ice water on me D: hahaha.
afterall, it's my first time doing it! think need more help from me to help me save the template ltr on in the night. hahah.

anyways, think im gonna stop ranting on about the html codes?
no way! LOL.
gonna torture u guys. evil laughters*

settled the background color, time to settle the borders for the sidebars!
wasted super long time on it. kept on asked dearie about it. oops.
after doing alot on borders.... i decided to change the sidebar backgrounds to black.
makes things easier. LOL.
i know my blog somehow looks similar to emily's one, but i did ask her for consent!
never steal anything ok :DDD

took uber long time to finish off the post part!
thanks to zixian who also helped :D and by the time i finish,.. its like past 2am can!
and as what i've promised,

big big million thanks to


and of course, my blog template isnt 100% done yet.
As i've mentioned, zx said there's like over a thousand errors with the CSS codings. LOL.
so, expect some changes in my blogskins here and there! ((:

&& i've still have to change some color schemes.. oh wells,

revamping of blog in progress!

now, dont complain. :b


&& for those more observant onees,
you should have realised i changed my blog playlist once again! XD

switched from imeem to playlist.com under recommendation from emily dearie.
im darn tired from the hiccups that imeem would occur now and then. playlist hang, cant load, etc. so tried switching to playlist.com which so far has yet to give me any problems. ((:

bad thing about playlist.com is that i cant find any jap songs D:
make do with eng songs alright! some are nice.
most of them are the same as my previous songlist from imeeem, but there are new songs there too. do browse!

--------------------------------------------------&& of course, i did something at home today. LOL.
as i got bored from editing picts today, i went to the fridge.

my bro bought a super big box of cornflakes which i dont know what he wants to do with it.
& i also saw some leftover cadbury chocs lying in the freezer, so.. hands itchy, planned to make cornflakes with melted choc poured over it.

but, due to the pathetic size of leftover chocs which is like less than 10squares, cant do much with it. :/ wanted to melt it, but due to its pathetic amount, wasnt really successful in melting it lahhs! hahaha. so... cant really turn it into liquid form :/
so, from pouring choc over cornflakes, i poured some cornflakes into the half-melted chocs and mixed them LOL. and then.. off to the fridge they go again :D

didnt expect much out from the taste of everything,
but who knows,.. IT TASTES SUPERB :DDD
hahahs. cornflakes with choc! nice nice nice! thumbs up*
too bad, i only made like 7 or 8. LOL.

gave one to my bro to try and he replied : give me 10 more of it. LOL.

being random, mint kills sperms. LOL.


im off to Changi Airport terminal 3 later on!
dont worry im not flying neither am i sending someone off.
just to go there walk walk.

shiyun deardear called earlier on to say she cant stand rotting at home. hahah. chatted some time over the phone as to where to go ltr. ice skating, movies, sentosa, shopping, bowling, kbox, alot lahhs. actually wanted ice skating, but kaiting isnt keen on it as she frequents there..

ended up with terminal 3. oh wells.. been there before :/
just accompany them go ba :DD i dont like being confined to 4 walls. LOL.

and as i typed till here, an idea struck me. hehs.

its 3.27am now! time for some shuteye. arghhh.
the errors of my CSS stuffs is still bothering me :/


and, i think i could seriously come up with a BOOK on irritating people online.
just nw as i was busy settling my html codes, there's this unknown guy on msn who die die also want me accept his webcam request. sickening.

replied that im neither interested in his looks nor his "so called interesting stuff", he kept on pleading. cant stand him and since shawn said he's bored, he asked me to invite him in that conver.

that online guy, super hilarious. on knowing that this added fren was a guy, he stright away left conver and offlined. zhao lor! i still remember last year or something, a guy put a pict of his dick as dp and showed me. LOL.
tsk tsk. sick people are everywhere.

i've thought of creating a new hotmail account..

but its so troublesome!
all my other accounts are under my current hotmail acc.
ma fan!
ma fan!

nvm. SLEEP FIRST! goodnights :DDD

& for those who has yet to read my prvious post, due to the change in my background color from white to black, just left click & highlight over the post to read what i've blog alrights!
hahahs. kind of lazy to edit that post. :3


Dennis- hahas, no lahhs. played just recently. where got long! x)

DD- tsk tsk tsk. people no school ma! but you have. lalalaal. got valid reason to sleep late! :D

Guowei- hahah. you pro sia! how you gonna do your O lvls! jialat ar..

Mao- hahas. no lahhs. (((: pool some time!

Homie- LOLs! lalala. who ask you laugh at me for having two prelims! lols! now your turn suffer. hahaha.

White Hawk - ohh hellos. your name is quite familiar. the guy from audi and fs?

Lawrence- ahhas. thank alot of times le nar! all big big over my blog post. lols! need more of your help tonight :D

Emily- hee, replied via your blog. thanks again dearie!

Low- hmmmms, now my post is definitely more than a hundred words. :b


&&&, do leave me a comment on my blogskin kayys?
im first timer in html stuffs.
comments and tags most welcomed and ♥♥!

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