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cant believe it, i actually stayed at home throughout the weekend! haha. not naughty kays.
quite sick of staying at home actuallly. felt so cooped up. shortage of oxygen you know?

was fretting over the class video thing over this two days. woke up this afternoon, after slacking here and there + finishing watching my youtube, started to search for songs. wanted to redo the video again, to make it easier when playing around with moods. and also with that video maker thing which im not very familiar with, wasted so much of my time at the timeline there, and also with the cutting of music; searched for more picts too. poof* one whole day went by :/

my heart nearly jumped out just now! as i was doing the vid, i afk-ed myself awhile. who knows when i came back, the whole comp HANGED! its like omg can? cause i never saved anything at all! not even a backup. gave up on it. haha. who knows,.. when i came back the programme had saved it for me! LOL. thank god.

its mid-autumn festival today! :D didnt went out play. hahha.

anyways, its WILLIAM AND DEREK! hahah. gay enough?
this was taken at william's house when we went over to do the video. hahah. they even pose one lor!

and yea. this! haha. yesterday at the open courtyard near my block, there was some sort of mid autumn festival celebration going on. mum wanted to have a look and dragged me there. kids everywhere! hahah.

there's elective mock paper and english paper tmr. hmmmmms. yet to study. LOL. i dont even know if the textbook's in my cupboard or at school. haha! time to buck up on my schoolwork. zomg. O lvls coming!

anyways, thanks a million to many who've expressed concern over my troubles!
appreciated it. x) ♥♥


Zhiyan- ooops. yea that was a typo. hahah. but nvm lahhs, post deleted le. x)

Homie- LOL. your class funny sial. haha. k lahhs~ wont fret so much :D

DD- ouch! always kok my head. pain de nar! >< hahaha. lalala. i didnt hear anything. i know what i say can liao. LOL. who want spy on youuuuuuuu. lalala. anyways, IM NOT A PIG! rawr. is you wake up early. hahah.

Sinren- haha. just that i felt that our character were quite similar. similar circumstances. x) cheerios.

XinWei- darling! ♥ hahah. okays, i will keep that in mind. x) thanks alot! hahah. lunch sometime? :DDD

Low- haha. i did mention that tags would be replied soon ma. hehs. no thanks. :b dont drink coffee nor milk. lols! happy mid autumn btw ((: received your sms!

Andy- ohhh. i sees. x) you too then! ;DDD

DD- where got wear mask! i pen down everything here de ok! lalala. :b okays, i shall remember. haha. thanks anyway!

Fabian- hahah. your tag was heart warming. you do talk about some logic and sense there.. hee. i'll keep whatever you've said in mind! x) hahah. really glad to have friends like you guys. ^^ will cheerup de. hahah. FBT!

Kirakuni- ohh. you did that personality test before too? hahah. interesting~ hmmms, but, oh wells, better than nothing ma x)

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