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credited to emily dearie for this pict!
saw myself inside so i koped! lols!

actually the results we already know le. but still very excited over it in the day. LOL. not that i scored well thou :/ today after school darn funny. haha. so after lessons me, sinren chijie and derek went to look for ms teng at the HOD room, as she needed our help. soooo~ hmmm,

so,.. i was happily walking down the corridor before i turned to head for the HOD room.
who knows, when i turned around, SAW MRS SIM! hahah. she's our school's DM, by the way. so, she was sitting on a bench talking to a student. i saw her then chua tio can! hahah.
you should have seen my reaction. i was walking, turning to the left. and when i saw her, i suddenly stopped and walked a U-Turn back. HAHAS! reflex action already! cant control kay.

i rmb chijie and derek walked past her it seemed that mrs sim talked to them awhile. so~ after they found ms teng (& we werent needed anymore), they headed back to find me. haha. sinren got 'caught' for her fringe.

then derek was like telling me :
derek: orh hor you very clever ar, hide here. but mrs sim say she saw you already.
me : huh? really? she got say anything anot?
derek : ehh, she just tell me she saw you lor. say what "that girl just now ar, hiding from me.."

LOL. luckily i didnt walked back again. if not sure get suan by her. and after get suaned by her i'll sure be caught for fringe never clip up, long ponytail, short skirts, anklesocks. T.T
but my one all not that exaggerating ok! ankle socks can see one. hahah. sinren even mentioned i was a hipster. LOL. ahbish* obviously, she's kidding lahs!

anyways, sinren accompanied me at bustop before i went home!


had a chat with mr koh on msn when i got home. hahah. he never fails to motivate me. hmmms, but mostly consulted him on areas regarding where i should head for after O lvls. :/
he just told me that its like darn hard to get into a UNI if i took up the business course. cause its always so competitive! top 10% of poly cohort. how!? 4th Uni isnt even up yet. by the time it's up i could have graduate from one already lol.

so, he was like telling me, if want to go for uni, go for jc route lo.. cause easier. and he advised me to consider NJC, HCI, RJC. cut off point low like dont know what! :/ but still, an AJC would be reasonable. but,.... all still gotta depend on my O lvls results!

arghs. anyways, went off to CC again to study just now! hahah. went alone kay! :D finished another set of homework. happy! homed around 10. :DD



DD- weird jiu shi weird nar, dont have how much or how little de. wahaha. is you! not me, im human :b hur hur~ ok luhs, i try~~~ to be honoured. LOL.

Zhiyan- hahaa. nice car knowledge! :b when are you gonna get yourself one? :DDD and anyway, was there any question? haha.

Lawrence- ohhh. you're singing song on my tagboard. haha. but cant hear lei :/ my blog where got alot of viewers, compared to yours! hahah. lalala. did they move? :b and,.. and i have neither a scaly skin or tail! not fish! haha.

Homie- rawrrrrrrr. i cant stand you liao. for how many tags and posts have you been poking me? rawr! bite u. haha yea, your name is in there. WOLS!

Katherine- heyys! hahah. seldom a visitor like you. hehs. wanna try my keyboard? LOL. kidding :b

Weifeng- oh oh~ i saw the lil difference in there! hahah. XD

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