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hahah. im gonna blog alot lot lot of things today! :DD
well firstly is about the class video again! hahah. showed the class the videos which sinren and i did. hahah. lucky the comments was not bad. haha. everything was quite humorous, from what they said. haha. just that we left out some teachers. arghh. need to redo some parts :/

look look look! all thanks to the video making, my computer Desktop is now so LITTERED with random picts. everywhere.

anyways, since higher chinese lessons is cancelled today, school ends early! wahah. planned to go Republic Poly (RP) for the Youth Talent Charity Concert, which i shall mention later on. hahah. took a long long time before we managed to persuade her go. hehs. since the concert starts at 8 and we have plenty of time, rushed back home to change out of my uniform before meeting up with Amanda darling, shiyun deardear and emily dearie. (((:

Watched the "Disaster Movie". movie plot as follows :
"Disaster Movie" follows the comic misadventures of a group of ridiculously attractive twenty-somethings during one fateful night as they try to make their way to safety while every known natural disaster and catastrophic event - asteroids, twisters, earthquakes, the works - hits the city and their path as they try to solve a series of mysteries to end the rampant destruction.

if asked about how i would rate it, i would rate it 1/5. seriously, this movie is so darn ridiculous. gave it 1star for the director's effort in this movie. LOL. well, if you're expecting a funny show out of this, catch the other shows. everything in this movie is like so fake, in regard to the actors, effects, and others lahh! one moment this actor got a scar across her cheek, next moment gone.

actors for their so called "people from other movie like enchanted for example, the chipmunks etc etc," mostly is like, one person, act 3 different roles in the movie? == they tried to portray Madonna, Michel Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Chipmunks, Zohan, Enchanted and others. which all really lives up to its title for the movie - a total disaster.

although i just paid a student fare of 6bucks, i think its totally not worth it. shall go on before it pisses me off. LOL.
As what darling said in her blog, : "the show suck like F." haha.

walked around causeway while time ticked away. Eeting came to join us afterwards. ((: and we headed for RP.

look at the background sky! its abit too bad we didnt manage to take a pict of the sunset :/

went to get the tix before we walked around RP. haha. the school campus is actually quite pretty at night. haha. too bad none of us is interested in RP :b anyways, saw quite a few cchy people there also. and even saw people from PA, like jiangda and laoshi also! haha. ((:

and yea. this was the concert which we caught. hahas. our juniors performed! :DDD
anyway,was pretty glad that i didnt missed this concert. alot genres of dance were introduced, from international dance to gymnastic ribbon to hiphop and cheerleading, needless to say, led by Ngee Ann Poly's Magnum Force. hahah.

there was some magic show, Er-hu (two-stringed fiddle), kuaiban, bells performance, Guzheng & suprano (both performed by malays and the suprano even sang in chinese!) and also diabolo tricks! and also, 2 songs presented by the By2 twins. hahas. its pretty worth watching. ((:

we sat at the circle seats where there were still quite alot of vancant seats. hahah. guessed their charity show was quite much a success thou :b

anyways, sy deardear was totally blown off her feet by the BY2 twins. hahaha. after the whole thing, we all accompanied her at the reception area to wait for them so as to take a closer look. hahah. think they looked prettier in realife than in picts. x)

by the time i guess its around 10+ already, and my mum called me, asked me go home quickly. LOL. cause she just watch the news and it said that there was a murderer in yishun going around, or something. very brief lahhs. haha. told the other girls and freaked out a little. cause most of us lived in yishun and it will be very late by the time we reached home. LOL.

took 169 back to interchange before changing bus. rawr, had a terrible headache which seems to worsen by the second. while walking home that time already trying to walk STRAIGHT. LOL. when i got home that time, washed up and straight away went to bed. didnt even touch the comp. hehs. must be too tired and drained of energy.

time passes fast and i didnt even realise i never ate a single meal throughout the whole day ytd. LOL. my intake for the whole day was just some popcorn, a croqutte pie from Mos Burger & half a cup of lemon iceblended. hahah.

and anyways, as promised, this is the sports call that got chijie to stalk the car the day before. hahah. dont know what model of sports call it is, after all im not into cars. hehs. :b i remember that time chijie secretly went back to take picts of the sports car when its owner went away.

chijie - taking picture from front to back, from back to side. thennnnnn, suddenly
owner : "ehh, take picture must pay money one leh" in a joking manner.
chijie - *chua tio* looks around where the voice came from and he looked up. LOL. the owner lived at the 2nd floor and was looking down from his kitchen. hahah. so funny lahhs.


and yes. was at my Msn homepage today and no doubt, there was a brief news about the murder thing in yishun :

Triple murder at Yishun apartment building

Detectives have launched a multiple murder investigation after three women were found dead at an apartment block in Yishun.
A fourth woman was wounded and is in hospital.

as far as i know, there were 2 knives found at the crime of scene, where they suspect there was 2 murderers. only one was caught so far. haha.

alrights. shall blog till here first. tata~

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