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hahahs. someone whom i knew for less than a month :3 someone finally 18 le ah. haha ytd midnight was pretty paiseh `cause i accidentally sent his bdae sms to inez. LOL. okay, i've wished you a happy birthday in every possible way le! called you, smsed you, tagged you and blogged you. hahas! STAY HAPPY (: hope you've enjoyed the day! (:

yesterday was kept busy in the kitchen as i was doing my chocolate cornflakes again. haha. didnt had much time to get him a present, so this was the idea which struck me. did these and put them in a glass container and tadahs! bdae present :x okay, my bro was super mean. i left quite a few in the fridge when i went out today.

and when i came home, the whole tray was gone. all's left was this for me! hahaha.

anyways, met up with shawn at somewhere the neighbourhood and insisted him on going back home to put the glass container in the fridge. hahah. walked to his block there and headed for cineleisure afterwards. bought tix, lunched at pastamania and pool-ed two games before heading for the movie! bumped into ama dearie and edward at cine! such coincidence :D

catched the movie " Murder of the Inugami Clan " plot is as follows :

When the wealthy Inugami patriarch dies leaving a huge estate, their lawyer hires detective Kindaichi as a series of mysterious murders befalls the family - from attempted drownings, poisonings, to beheadings. A web of deceit, adultery and greed is revealed as the family gathers for the reading of the will, and the race for the inheritance turns even deadlier. The film is based on the bestselling novel by Seishi Yokomizo, which has been made into three films and five TV series. This is also the final film in the prolific career of Japanese film director Kon Ichikawa

this film is like a good 136minutes! 2hours plus. have no idea on how to rate it. :x most of the film was focused on the development of the plot. darn complicated! have to pay attention to almost every single thing if nt you might miss out the details. its a Japanese film, and loads of main characters. all their names were of course, japanese names and i had a hard time trying to rmb which name belongs to who! LOL. may be abit draggy, but story line was great.
its pretty unpredictable what's gonna happen next and such a big twist at the end of the story! where everything unfolds..

hehs. not bad lahhhs. ((: didnt know this movie was actually out quite long ago. now only available in Cathay Orchard (: anyways, movie ended around 6 before i train-ed to admiralty for Germain's advanced birthday party :DD

the purple lover girl XD


anne learning

once i reached her house, quickly ate something before they headed for the basketball court somewhere near her house! didnt play, as i was in skinnies and, the basketball always attack me D: LOL.

guowei aka tiger brought along his guitar! hahaha. so, he played the guitar to entertain us, while me anne ans yoonghin sang along. hahah. got a auntie and uncle who sits somewhere near us, heard us singing some songs and came to sat beside us. sang tgt! hahah. XD we even said guowei opened an Tiger KTV. before that when he was entertaining the kids, we say he opened Tiger Childcare. LOL lahs!

things got boring and others started to borrow it to play. anne even learnt abit. hahah. as you see i was too bored, i too picts here and there, started to try out different modes of my phone. LOL. tried paranoma. unsuccessful at the parts between the 2nd and 3rd photo :/ can see the line. haha. started to shuffle abit with jonathon and thew. hahah. while playing, cel got hit and somewhere near her eye started bleeding. luckily anne was there. hahah.

and yea. kaixun told me to take this pict because the sky was green at one part. LOL.

while slacking around, got a prank call by someone unknown lahs! rawr.
any idea whose phone number does this belong to ----- "96486819" someone i believe is from cchy lahs! standard, the phone start with what "this is calling from amk police headquaters.... " something like that ahhs. at first i still thought the caller was junfei, cause the voice resembles his. but too bad wrong.

kupp-ed the phonecall and they called back again. dont exactly know who the caller was, cause they passed the phone around within 3 people i think. o.o the caller mentioned what he's someone (forgot the name he said) from cchy 4A, then blah blah what his fren wan to make friends with me so he helped his so called friend called me. LOL. bombed me with questions like "where am i" "outside with friends?" etc and i kupp-ed their phone again. lols. anyone who has an idea to whom this number belongs to do tell me! (:

headed back to germain's house around 9 as it started to drizzle! cut the cake and etc. (: hahaha. those are the presents she received from us! got her show, lolipop and a bikini! hahaha. anyways, received my belated bdae presents from them! also got bikini can! rawrrrrr. standard. shall elaborate later on. hahaha.

and with a bdae party, what is called a bdae party without smashing cake! hahah. since her bdae cake was pretty expensive, played with only one slice of it. told her to bite something out of the cake but she didnt. ended up with the cake smashed on her face. hahaha. there's even a piece dropped on the floor. LOL. aftermath

she's super cute luhs. hahah. cause she's scared of cockroaches, they brought some plastic or rubber cockroach to make her lahhs! hahaa. although she already knew its a fake, she'd still scream if the cockroach suddeny appear infront of her. had a good laugh :b and around 10pm, i went homed! expected my mum to call my phone anytime, so better zi4 dong4 yi dian. go home.

was raining quite heavily by the time i took 800 home. since the bustop was across the road, and there was no shelter, had to walk in the rain. stupid traffic light, took such a long time to turn red. quite a few cars on the road. cant even jaywalk! even had time to take pict can! tried to take the rain but not obvious :/ by the time i reached shelter, my hair was dripping water already. rawr.

alrights, and these are some of my belated birthday presents! hahah. and of course, nt forgetting a bikini which i didnt take a pict of. cel took some pictures of me unwrapping the presents. but since she's tonning over at ger's house, have to wait til tmr night :DD

received a limited color headphone, as they know im seriously in need of some earpiece. since im using every day and night and my earpiece spoils easily. :b
had another plastic file of Picasso. those who plays piano should know who ba. not too much into piano nowadays, not too clear :/ limited edition too? hahah. unclear.

anyways, something which i lovee most, IS THE HOODIEEEEE!!!!
its like so omg omg omg when i saw it can! hahah. cause i've contemplated over getting one for myself. afterall im into shuffling too. haha. but since its quite ex and i dont think my mum allows me to buy, i dropped that idea. hahah. loveee it! im gonna wear it every single day during my O lvl papers! hahas.

and not forgetting the bikini which i say i'll elaborate. standard as they are, those who dont have a bikini would sure receive one from the clique! haha. cel got it last year! somewhere last year headed for sentosa with the clique as usual. only me and germain wore tanktops as we insisted, while others wore their bikini tops lahhs. so end up, this year me and germain both got it. LOL.

hearts the presents :DDDDDD
anyways, million thanks to :



DD- tsk tsk. everytime say i sleep late, but dont know who everytime only go sleep after i slept hur? who later? LOL. and anyways, you're very much welcomed! not a well edited pict thou. hope you liked it!

Celesta- hahah reallly? :DDD cheers! :b

Ash- hahah where got mean to you! im like soooooo good to you! never bully luh!

Homie- LOL. you thought i ROBOT ar! hahaha.

Jeanie- hellos! haha. jean jeannnnnnnnnnnnn :D

Caaroll- hahah why should i bluff you? XD *locks fingers okays! hee. im real about making some for you when we meet but not about the parcel thing ar! hahah. you're loveed too! ♥

Jennifer- hey! rare appearance~ hee. thanks for the compliment! :DD

tata ♥

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