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hmmmmms. wont be much update for the day :/

today's assembly was another motivational talk by our coach yvonnne! liked it, and i missed those coaches! anyways, went to william's house after school to do video, brought home to do, but somehow all files gone. T.T so happy new year, decided to redo it, while i photoshop every pict that's gonna be up in the graduation vid!

so as i was finding picts here and there... found so many candid picts of people and myself! LOL. that chou derek still tou pai me sleeping in class lahs. LOL. saw quite a no. of the sec3 photos too. XD hehs. anyways, come back tmr! ahaha. i shall blog up some pictures of the times when me and my classmates were in sec3 :DD

anyways, im pretty tired today. provided that i was photoshopping all the way just now and now its like 12.40am. & obviously, i'm not done with it. perhaps shall continue it again tmr after school. yawnnns*

goodnight earthlings. ((:


Lawrence- lol. ok. lmao.

SL- ohh. hahas. alrights! ((: link up soon.

DD- you then complain king luh! say me. hahaha. LOl. ~~~~ all the way ar you. lalala. chaoahbeng! opps :x hehs. who want spy on you :b spy your twin bro nar. LOL.

Homie- o.o you kidding me ar. hahah. that's like exactly what i got for L1R5 and R4 for prelim 1. o0

Regina- ohhh. hahaha. alrights! lazy go find out who he is also. haha (:

Low- hahaha. learnt from master le ma :DDD

Kaixun- tsk. you thinner than pot than die liao. LOL. aiya.....we different papers ma!

Zhiyan- uhhh. that time didnt really go study. and those 2 papers were physics and amaths, which i screwed it up earlier on in prelim1. hehs. late for paper ma.. then.. somehow fail luh. hahaha. :x

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