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homework homework and endless homework!

haahas. here's a pict of the Nee Soon East CC study room. hehs. been spending my evening and nights there studying these few days! went alone ((:
its a pretty conducive place to study, esp when you go there at night. the pict is just only a part of the place. not so small lahhs~ haha. usually there's not much people, and its quiet and air conditioned! very little people go there, cos need membership card of this room then you can have access. LOL.

Prefect's Graduation 2008

see the buffet set up for us!

sharing jokes time. haha

short speech

and a formal photo of prefectorial board was given to us!

anne the da jie to help cut the cake. hahah.

haha. for the whole day today, it was nearly CHEMISTRY day!
supposedly we're having our amaths mock paper in the morning, but mr chang insist our class to give it a miss cause he demands his lesson back. hahaha. so poor me, rot during lesson :/ cause i dont take chemistry. hahah. no lahhs, i went to take the amaths mock paper and it became a homework for the class. heh

after recess headed to hall for chem mock paper. 2 and a half hours! freaking long TT i even fell asleep half way while i did my homework and stuffs. hehs. anyways, after the paper, was called to stay back for the Prefect Graduation Party / Celebration. i thought it was just some buffet food only. but who knows, a line of activities was prepared for us!

we created a big mess of the examination hall but shifting the tables and chairs everywhere. hahah. food was yummy, before we joined the juniors! hahah. they were telling jokes to share with everyone. had a good laugh.

after on, was some cake-cutting session and presentation of gifts of appreciation to us from teachers and juniors! left the privilege of cutting the cake to anne, the da jie! hahaha. that head and vice head tried to sabo me go cut, say what : "ehh cut cake is secretary's job! " LOL.


having cut the cake and stuffs, we were told to sit down and watch their performance! hahah. not much a performance, but they sang a song for us! actually they sang with the song playing one. but who knows half way technical glitch, they continued to sing without the background music! clapps* :DDD

not just that, they've even presented us a video they've made! pretty interesting. after some vids here and there, had a group photo taken! hahaha. that's when everybody started to take picts with one another. :DDD

soon, they decided to play MUSICAL CHAIRS! its like so zomg. so many people run away. hahaha. first round me and shuhui got kicked out already. HAHAs! so~~~ watched them play. damn hilarious. the last two person was vying to get first, go to alot of extreme, then we were asking "what's the point of getting first? no prize lei!" hahahah.





jenin and songrong started to fight. hahah. then songrong took out his shoe to whack her. LOL.

edward ( see the height difference!) rawwwwr.

alpha! my dance successcor~ hahaha. chairperson!



the shuai ge lahhs~ hahah.

anyways, everything ended around 5 before we headed home! hahah.
6more days of schooling before we are given a study break for 2 weeks!
which mean that i need not need to return for school unless for Graduation Night and O lvls!
2 days left for this week and 4days for next week. gosh.

time seems to be flying now. we've been at chungcheng for 4 years, bading each batch farewell at the end of each year. who knows, now its our turn! gatherings with the prefects had always been great! just gives you a warm feeling, even when there are quite a number of juniors whom we do not know. (((:

no matter who the other party is, we are always alble to laugh and share the good times together. those nights we stayed up chit chatting during the orientation camps, those sai-kang we did tgt (laughs), times we whine together and times when we go crazy. We've left the prefectorial board, but one thing to remember. rock on juniors! :D



lawrence- hmmmmmmms, i've promoted your blog before, cant blame :b hehs. but i thought you all along had alot. o0 hehs. how you know i got more than a hundred viewers per day? that may not be the case leh~ hahah. bored then blog ma! :D where got so much. LOL

DD- mrs sim of course scary lah! is the aftermath of being caught. hahah. not pig nar~ hahah. wall everywhere got circle liaos. and hor! why also poke me now! tsk~

Monet- ohhh. hahahs. thanks thanks! i will keep that in mind! ;) will work hard de! :DDD hahaha. hmms what's alumnus ? :b

Homie- where got fun! you imagining it only leh! wahahah. ok, will de. you too, gambatek! dont audi so much lahhs! tsk tsk.

Regina- hehs. prettaye junior! (((: uhhh, i miss you girls too! too bad cant go back dance le :/ graduating! :b

Celesta- hahaha. yeaa. ppl bomb me one. TT think of the names like crazy lor. LOL. some of the people not even mentioned in the questions to follow.

Emily- hee. alrights dearie! ♥ :D

Xinwei- hahah. its up to you de nar~ hehe. cause some of the people in the list not even mentioned in the list of questions :/
Weifeng- hahah. thanks! and thanks for your sms too :D

Low- heys ;)

Zhiyan- hahah. when that time comes im gonna demand a spin from you! hahaha. :b uhhh, still okay lahhs~ clouds also! hehs.

3rd October is our last day of school!
10th October is our Graduation Evening.
21th October is my first O lvl paper! :/

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