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okay, maybe not. hahaha. shall keep the suspense till the end. anyways,
these are random shots taken over the past two days. x) that time when i stayed back to do my revision and the time when im heading out at night to study! :D think the 2nd picture of the post is abit slanted.. haha.

hehs. today all the way after recess is like free period! TT no lahhs, actually still got one period of ang mo teng lesson. hahah. biology lesson was still a free period, :b and CHOOPS got us lollipops and a small laminated note for each and everyone of us! hahah.

she super cute lahhs. when she giving out the lolipops she said :
"the lolipops were Made in China. you guys eat it at your own risk ar "

HAHAs! sent all of us into spasm of laughter. ok although the content not funny but she say until it was! nevertheless, none cared about it lahhs! as i was bored, i raided jenin's phone. LOL. i sent my wallpaper to her phone then set as her wallpaper. i should have put my zilian pict there. tsk tsk. anyways, snap snap snap!*

hehs. ITS STRESSFUL LOR! when you put that "YOU SHOULD BE STUDYING" pict as your wallpaper. hehs. &&&& there's one picture you see william in it! notice what he's holding in his hand? if you have no idea its actually a branch of a bamboo tree around the school. ahh whatever. i know my sentence sounds weird. LOL.

and then he insists he's the KUNGFU PANDA! LOL. asked why he keep on holding to it, he say he dont know. and this thing dropped onto his bag the day before when the school gardener was cutting some branches. hahah. &&& he said it's nice to use as a cane. LOL. so i took it and WHACKed him. HAHAs! of course didnt hurt him much lahhs~ the thing so short. LOL.

after school, gave the Venice lecture a miss as i think its pretty redundant. waste of time. (oops) but afterall i dont think im gonna prepare that chapter for my social studies paper ma. so... went home! bathed and came out again. lunched before edwin, daryl, another cchy guy (forgot name, but he SUPER TALL! got at least 190cm tall ok! ) and me! :DDD hate walking beside him lor! i CANT even reach his SHOULDERS!

lalala. studied abit, before the studyroom got super cold and i went out to watch edwin and that tall guy play basketball. break ma! hahah. actually played finished one round want to go back one, but suddenly zhong hong appeared and jio-ed them for another game. hahah. so.. PANGSEHed daryl all the way in the studyroom. LOL.

by the time already 7+. got pretty tired for the day and decided to go home! :DDD
need some break okay. study too much, will study till siao one. hehs.


okay, talk so much, must be still wondering why you would love this post right! hahah.
there there! check out what's below! :DDDDDDDD

NOTE : read what i had wrote for the video before viewing it! :D

Men Of Honour.

Cchy Graduating batch : DO YOU REMEMBER THIS !? :D

remember during our 3day Motivational Workshop, Coach Yvonne had showed us the video about the navy video? I FOUND IT ON YOUTUBE! hahah. i dont care if you had found it before, but im just plain happy i did. hahah.

im not sure if other coaches had showed you guys this too! but im sure you remember Coach Yvonne had mentioned about Carl Brashear this navy diver days back on our last motivational talk!

for the benefit of others who do not know what i'm talking about, i shall give you a brief outline of the whole video! READ HERE BEFORE WATCHING THEM! makes them more meaningful (((:


Carl Maxie Brashear was the first African American to become a U.S. Navy Master Diver in 1970. In 2000, Brashear's military service was portrayed by Cuba Gooding, Jr. in the film Men of Honor.
He was also the first amputee diver to be certified or recertified as a U.S. Navy diver.

For the 1st Video :

It was about a final exercise for the divers before passing out of the diving school. Their task is to go down to the sea and fix something within the shortest time possible, with a bag of tools being provided.

As some malicious people wanted to sabotage him during this exercise, they had slit open his toolbag and strewn them into the sea, making the tools all over the seabed. which is almost like impossible to gather back everything.

While for Carl Brashear who's still in the waters, he knew that his tools had been strewn all over the place. but nevertheless, he was determined in completing the mission. while others finished the mission in an hour plus, carl brashear was still in the process. Time stretched till the night, where he had been about 9hours in the cold sea.

still freezing, he fixed and assembled everything into perfect order before he finally surfaced on the water. he had a dream, and he never gave up.


2nd & 3rd Video :

actually both of them are the same, just that the 3rd video was an extract of a part of the 2nd video. just that it's shorter (featuring only the middle part) and bigger? hahah. the resolutions.

but i would recommend you guys to watch the 2nd video. cause there are more parts to which you've missed out :DDD

in this video, Carl Brashear had became an amputee. while on another mission on dont know what bomb, a pipe had striked Brashear's left leg below the knee, nearly shearing it off.
After persistent infections and facing years of recovery, Brashear convinced his doctors to amputate the lower portion of his leg

what's shown in the video, is the judge trying to make things hard for Carl Brashear.
Wearing the new diving suit which weighs around 250pounds (120kg) , he, as an amputee have to give TWELVE steps in order to be fully reinstated as an American Navy Diver.

watching him walk his twelve steps, its like you can really feel his pain lo. im amazed by his determination and persistance. Listen to the words the person had said to Carl Brashear as he walks his twelve steps. in some way, its words of encouragement. pretty meaningful. (((:

Carl Brashear had a dream. And he lived it.

GO WATCH GO WATCH! you'll like it. (((:


Homie- ohh. hahah. its so drama packed lahhs! poor Maasa.

Celesta- ohhhh~ sure sure sure! hehs. i'll be nudging you soon! hee.

Kaixun- haha. good you know lo.. but hope you two aint affected too much by it! (((:

Andy- mann, you miss out such a good show! hahah. yea lo. rare appearance! wahah.

Zhiyan- hehs. nah, im just kidding! :DDD

Mao- hmmmms, yea. pretty much a pity for Maasa. he was leading right at first! TT the pitstop incident left him with a 25sec penalty! D: poor thing! for Alonso, his turns were all smooth! :b hehs. no matter what, its still up to each of our views on it! :DDD

okay okay, mao and zhiyan, chill! hahah. XD

DD- not fun! rawr. &&, for your blog, its not that i do not believe that you'll wait.. but is that i think that nothing would come out of this. i hope you'll understand. by then, i might already be heading for a college or something. give it up ba.. i dont wish to hurt you or give you any empty hopes much further
[ 20 days! ]
omg omg, now i can count the days with my fingers and toes! TT

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