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i have a sudden and strong urge to dance! ):
O lvls, please pass faster.

and yes! as i had mentioned in my previous entry, i went out to study again! haha. actually wanted to go study at CC, but edwin asked me to go sembawang mac to study as most of them are there. haha.

yesterday been out the whole day studying! from the time i woke up, did the laundry and had my bath, headed out from 1+ all the way till night! hahah. i focused on studying for a good 7HOURS kay! more than 50% of my awake time. grins*

these 2 days studied with edwin, clarlynn and some of them who are sitting for N lvls. haha. not that i'd asked them out, but coincidentally they were there. hahah. they are darn funny lahs! anyways, ITS PRODUCTIVE WORKK! finished all my amaths + bio + physics homework! i even did the physics workbook, + those which teachers gave on friday, except for 2 physics paper 2. haha. did halfway. :DD

alright, that sums up my activities for the past two days. LOL.
being random,

1). My handphone connecting piece is FAULTY! when i plug that in with my earpiece ( 1 connecting piece + 1 headphone piece ) , the music which i played sounded so weird! i still thought someone had meddled with my Graphic Equalizer! went to adjust it no matter what but to no avail. WHO KNOWS! its that thing. grrs. its not cheap to replace! :/

2). I found out the best way to make me lose my appetite in the fastest and shortest time available. hahah. not about viewing any gore pictures or whatever, but to make me PISSED OFF! happened two times okay. on both occasions, i was literally starving already. who knows just as i was about to tuck in on my food, some stuffs made me so pissed off that i lost my appetite and i ate less than half the share of the food i bought. LOL.

3). i fell in love with physics and amaths! LOL. i feel like buying some assessment books for my amaths. hmm.

4). Celesta's blogsongs are nice!



DD- haha not scared ar, then you go back find her lo. hahah. who ask you keep poke me. its getting on my nerves! rawr.

Kaixun- hahah. :D nvm lahhs~ you ar, better keep a low profile these few days. LOL. kidding x)

Homie- who ask you keep poke me also. hahaha

Zhiyan- hahaha. not bad mah, i give you surprises! LOL. yes i WAS a prefect. hahah. :b and ohya! my prize for guessing correctly the picture? hahaha~

Nectaline- saw you today! hahah. jiayous for your paper! a week + your N lvls jiu over already! ((:

YunHui- haha. yealuhs. too bad the outing was cancelled :b sob!

Thew- sup! hahaha. okays, thanks for the link! my belated bdae present? hahah. it's pretty nice x)

Weifeng- :DDDD


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