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hahas. didnt went to school in the morning. had a migraine.
anyways, met up with my classmates later in the afternoon! :DD
16 of us then travelled down to NYJC for an immersion programme briefing. well, after briefing here and there, they're just talking about the same thing. hahah.

had some high tea before we broke up into groups, with our ex-cchy nyjcians to bring us around. ((: its my third time there. touring around there for the third time. haha. well, not really interested in this school. their dance only got a silver for SYF! :/ i wanna go to a school with a strong dance group! hahah. i guess, i'll only consider nyjc if my results really cant bring me to other better jcs. or maybe, i'll consider poly. haahha. im fickle-minded!

walked around and chatted with the nyjcians. hahah. surprisingly, one of them had a cousin and an uncle teaching in cchy, of course no doubt is that oh kian tee lo. LOL. anyways, left around 5+ and took 136 to amk hub. :DDD had my one and only meal for the day at Mos Burger. haha. afterall i woke up at 12 today.. no chance to eat. hehs.

we realised the walls of the Mos Burger was badly vandalised. haha. of course, i didnt drew that face there lahs! kaylin left her name on the wall. hahah. if you take a closer look, people penned ALOT of things there. hahah. mostly who who who rock, i love yous, vulgarities, promoting blogshops, and not forgetting sex hotlines. hahah. those common stuffs you'll see at the back of any bus seats.

walked around amk hub after that! im dying to buy flats can. as in, shoes. ahahha. but yet to see anything that appeals to me. hahah. bought a wallet to replace my spoilt one. actually wanted to buy one white pouch tgt with shiyun deardear one. but too bad, left one in stock and so... i didnt buy. hahaha.

wanted to take bus home around 8. so went to queue 169 with deardear. waited darn long before the queue started to move! which mean the bus came.
who knows, WE QUEUED THE WRONG LINE! TT rawrrr. like so dumb! cause that line is super long, and people queue until the whole line is slanted. and so we thought that queue was for 169. so dumbb! went to find the 169 queue. by then already so behind le. :/ fed up, we trained back home. hahah.

anyways, here's a group photo of the graduating prefects! left out the other day i think ((:


DD- hahah. its good when you're under her lahhs! but its BAD when you get caught by here can! rawrrr. and omg, dont poke me can. dont like! ahbish*

Zhiyan- hur! you're so mean. hahah. of course i am! if not how to attend that graduation party. :b

Nectaline- heyyys! yeapps, very long never see you ler. x) you too! :DD N lvls over le ma?

Homie- ... you poke poke poke. poke somemore i ignore you liao. LOL.

Kaixun- ermm, i never say anything about your tiao jian ma. you think too much lahs! tsk tsk. hahaha.

Monet- ohhh. which jc were you from that time? :D

Anne- oppps. aiya~ your uniform! hehe. shall i kick kaixun for you? haha

Yunhui- hahah. no lahhs! anyhow say de. cya tmr? :DD

Katherine- tsk tsk~ dont view and run nar! im not scary! wont bite. haha.

--- 25 DAYS!

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