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look look look! my keyboard looks like chocolate bar now. LOL.

being random, i woke up exactly at 12noon today. LOL. considering the fact that i slept late. hehs. been going to yishun cc to study these few days. or rather, just these 2 days. just nice edwin was there ytd also. hahah.

i've got loads of emaths amaths physics and bio worksheet to finish :/ worse still, there's ss and english mock paper tomorrow again. shrugs* hate the weird format they give for SS SEQ. rawr.
time seems to running out!

im dying to watch this movie! hahah. dont know when sy deardear would be free. hmmms.

and with regards to my tagboard, my dear friends are going to start the car model debate. :b hahah. just kidding. :DD whatever the model is, for the pleasure of your eyes!

and anyways, there's the advertisement about safra membership card! do help me click it kay! hahah. i know you always go safra one, so.. >> tadah. LOL.


and happy new year, someONE bombed me with this thing. rawrrrrrr! ben shawn!
40 People I know in random order:

1. Amanda darl
2. Shiyun deardear
3. emily dearie
4. inez
5. shuhui
6. jenin
7. jasmine
8. jennifer
9. germain
10. celesta
11. nicolette
12. anne
13. kaixun
14. yoonghin
15. sheng yao
16. sheng xiong
17. chingyuk
18. samuel lai
19. guowei
20. homie
21. shawn
22. zhiyan
23. weifeng
24. alvin
25. lawrence
26. chijie
27. derek
28. samuel aw
29. thomas
30. andy
31. low
32. fabian
33. kirakuni
34. eeting
35. cassandra
36. jonathon lam
37. daryl
38. sinren
39. matthew
40. jiexin

Who is #9 to you? [Germain]
-- hahas. my beloved senior! :D

Does #12 have a Hot older brother? [Anne]
-- hmmms, nope.

Would you make out with #2? [Shiyun]
-- haha. whats the title deardear is for? hahaha.

What about #13? [kaixun]
-- eek! LOL. never in my life. right tianyuan~

Or #30? [Andy]
--he my zookeeper lahhs! haha. always got abused!

Is #1 your best friend? [Amanda]
--yeap yeap.my confidante!

Is #3 cute? [Emily]
--haha. with my dearie's big eyes, why not? :D

How about #5? [Shuhui]
--yea yea yea! hahah. another one with big eyes one :b

Or #23? [Weifeng]
-- hahah. quite! always tag same thing on my tagboard de :b

Or #36? [Jonathon]
-- errr, not bad lah! same size as me. LOL.

How did you meet #4? [inez]
-- my sec1 and 2 classmate! :DD

& #18? [Samuel Lai]
-- school mate! :DD

Did you ever go out with #20? [Homie]
-- nope! LOL. never even see him rl before. hahah.

Or #28? [Samuel Aw]
-- yeapps, go out study lo. hahah.

Who is #40? [Jiexin]
-- hahah. someone very gong dai dai and blur de schoolmate! ;D

Do you hug #8 all the time? [Jennifer]
-- hmmms, not yet! wahaha. shall hug her tmr :D

How about #15? [sheng yao]
-- nope, hahah.

Or #25? [Lawrence]
-- nope. :D

Or #37? [Daryl]
-- nope. :D

Do you feel sorry for #11? [nicolette]
-- hmmms, a little? hahah. she's always having panda eyes.

Have you ever told #14 you loved them? [yoonghin]
-- hahaha. I LOVE MA LAI REN! ;D

Would #6 & #10 make a good couple? [Jenin & celesta]
-- haha. they dont even know each other :b

What about #16 & #28? [Sheng Xiong & samuel aw]
-- uh, no. LOL.

How about 17 & #22? [ChingYuk & Zhiyan]
-- hahah. urm, do you like to pick people of the same gender. ==

#24 & #32? [Alvin & fabian]
-- you really do promote sodomy. ==

#33 & #39? [Matthew & kirakuni]
-- rawr! same gender also lah! how can i suan anyone like that, tsk

Are #38 and #37 best friends? [Daryl & Sinren]
-- nope, they dont even know each other.

Does #34 drink coffee 24/7? [Eeting]
-- ermm, dont think so. :D

What is #9 addicted to? [Germain]
-- wahaha. purple and show!

Which # would you look best with?
-- everyone from #1 to #40. hah!

Which # would #5 date? [Shuhui]
-- duh. of course is me lahs! hahah. kidding~

How about #16? [ShengXiong]
-- he likes to date spongebob squarepants! hahah

Or #27? [Derek]
-- he would like to date CHIJIE! full time gay partner.

10 people to do this quiz :
- hahah. lazy to name again. anyone interested just copy paste lo :D


OH-SO-FINALLY! finished! hahah. asked so many boliao questions~
its time to get my butt down to studies!


DD- haha. not nice then still wan see, weird lei ni. haha. and im not pig! rawrrr~

Homie- why take part in the HEROs show? hahaha. okok, you and the car~ hahah. dont care the model lahs~ && STOP POKING! rawrrrrr!

Zhiyan- hmm hmm i see~ maorong supports u. hahah.

Kaixun- yea i rather you go watch other shows. haha. say thankyou for my review ar! WAHAH! not blur, is busy till forgot. wahaha!

Alvin- hey hey! :DD thanks for the tag! hahas. ((:

Weifeng- thanks thanks thanks!

hahahs. the rest (maorong homie and zhiyan) are still discussing the car :b

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