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mock papers everyday!!

okays, i've finnally got my blog post done. hahaha. below are picts took by others w/o me knowing it. argh. i've got evidence of chijie disturbing my stuffs! bite him.
anyway, the first 3 picts below were taken on other days.

and from the nails i think the hands belonged to eeting. lols! my poor tigger and monkey lahs!

and yea. didnt know william took this. hahah. i've just bathed finish you see, towel still drapped over my shoulders.

evidence 1

evidence 2.

William then said : see! chijie from poking the tortise become FONDLING it. LOL.

evidence 3. changed target already.

and william said derek looked like as if he's breast feeding the tigger lahs! LOL. ==

arghhhhhhhhhh! im so darn angry with blogger! apparently, blogger got mood one. .___. just these few picts taken by a camera took darn long to loadddddd! Hours can! and when i wait so so so long for it to load (almost finishing) it says : Page expired.

anyways, 4H CLASS GRAD VIDEO IS FINALLY DONEEEEEEEE! after so many consecutive days of people coming my house after school to do. T.T its wearing me out! tired. hahah. but i must say, i think the video's nice! but of course, i do one must say NICE LAHH! hahaha. still remember when we finally finish the video everyone was like : ahh! FINALLY! claps*

hehs. actually wanted to upload to here one, but...... decided not to. hahah.
derek chijie they all wanted to keep it like top secret! they say let as little people see the video as possible. lest other class stole idea. LOL. afterall some classes have yet to submit. hehs.

dont worry, after 10.10.08 i shall upload at here and youtube! :DDDDDD
and for the meanwhile, im gonna shut my gab. hahah. toodles!

and and and, the above picts are PROOFS that we did the video! hahah. chijie super funny lahhs. he keep on poking my that tortise speaker and william just kept on taking candid photos of him. LOL. and then that derek. first thing come in my room is to FIND TIGGER. LOL. see, evidence. hahah.
but not bad, at least something to entertain them while im doing. ANDDDDDD, william lah! he super intrigued by my stuffed monkey. long hands and tails that hangs on the doorknob of my wardrobe.

and a random comment by william : HE THINKS MY ROOM MACHIAM ZOO!

now its going 12mid and im still sitting infront of this comp. rawrrrrrrs.
hate you blogger.
tommorrow's biology mock paper. I DONT FEEL LIKE STUDYING! how how how.
21 holy chapters! okay i know you'll sure ask me go sleep cause mock paper no marks one. BUT! i'll still feel guilty if i dont study!

yes i know, im contradicting myself. hahah. anyways, other than these, i've got some other picts of a chio sports car chijie took today! shall post in the next post, cause its too time consuming at the period now :/

shall introduce my class blog tmr! x) stay tuned for the sports car too yea? hahaha.


DD- rawrrrrr! you ben zhu! hahaha.

Kaixun- hahah. miss you ar, too bad no leh. LOL. but then again, no wonder my tagboard so quiet! LOL. hahah. dont understand then good. :D

HOMIE- BITE homie! poke poke poke very fun har~ haahah

Low- hehs. banana is high is potassium. :b

Emily- ohhh. hahaha. big rights! especially your that area! hahaha. xD

Zhiyan- hehs. i do that when there are little tags to reply. :b hahah. hmmmm.. after my exams. hahah. after my exam i can straight away tell you, "cya at PA practice!" hahah. xD


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