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edited. some parts edited and some parts gone also.
too bad for those who're late :b

okays, this post would be unadvisable for your eyes, as im quite irritated by the chain of events happening in school today. dont be shocked to see some vulgarities. haha.

anyways, early in the morning headed for khatib central as i thought thomas they all said to have breakfast there. so..... took 858 there, and when i reached, i only found out that they were meeting at the coffeeshop behind cchy. roarrrrrrr. o

k lah, my fault. ytd on msn they were discussing abt it. usually would take some time so i didnt pay attention. by the time i went back to the conver to see, most of them have left with no mention of where to meet. only say eat duck porridge. soooooooo, i thought it was khatib central. == walked all the way back! rawr. nvm, blame myself.


of course, im not exactly angry over that. what im angry IS over the elective geog paper.
early in the morning first period was the elective geog. received my paper, scored a 31/50. well, score was quite okay. satisfied with it. combining my ss paper, it would give my combined humans a grade of B3, 67.

for those dont know, our elective classes were mixed. meaning that my elective class belonged to 4F, not the usual 4H. on heading back to class, news got to my ears that the whole of sec 4H elective students will get a push in ONE GRADE UP, which is equivalant to 5marks of the paper. regardless of who in the class. of course, did kept my emotions in check and went to confront mrs ang about it lahhs. since she was the one who decided that, and was the marker for 4H scripts.

asked her why 4H can get an extra 5marks while other class dont have,
she replied " oh its because the scripts for 4H were marked strictly, and hence for moderation they will get extra 5marks. the reason why 4F (my elective class) did not is because MrLim had marked leniently. "

take note of what she said. so, i continued to argue how unfair it was, how mrlim ALSO DID followed the answer scheme strictly, she continued to dismiss it lahhs. chengmun also trying to argue back. THEN, she mentioned "I've not yet gone through mr lim's scripts, so i cant prove what you said is the truth "

HELLO? you just said that "Mr Lim had marked leniently." and the next moment you said "I've not yet gone through mr lim's scripts"

its like super unfair lah! and she goes on to cover what she has said "actually marks are not the main objective. the main objective is whether you had learnt your own mistakes through this paper."

okay, who doesnt knows this? tchers and principals have been repeating that over and over again. but doesnt she understands how unfair it is? ONE GRADE IS ALOT LOR. damn it. its like poeple in 4H scored 35, and with that increase, they will be scoring 40.
all i can say is injustice can! i rather i give her my paper to mark and add on that 5marks lah! then she continued to say "i cant possibly remark all of the scripts". which i think that settles the whole thing and off she walks out of the class.

DARN PISSED OFF! one grade one grade. its not that i want my classmates to get a lower score, but its like you've put the same amount of effort in the paper, and ends up i get this fucking low score. one grade, you tell me it doesnt mattters.

yes, you may tell me that getting a grade B3 is already good enough, but what matters is,

excuse my lang for this time.

i shall just skip to biology paper.

74/120. which sums up to a low B4. considered to other people in my class, its considered low lahhs. quite alot of careless marks gone cause i've went through the paper too fast, missing out some important points in the question. :/ anyways, im not gonna to whine about tis.

what im irritated over is, if you've scored like a VERY good grade, cant you just keep away your that oh-so-sad-im-gonna-die face away? pisses me darn alot. its not like im some sore loser, angry with people who scored a better grade than me. its about, cant you guys just keep a thought for those who fared lousier?

anyways, among the 3 of us (kaiting shiyun and me), im not gonna whine over how badly i've fared to you guys. how i've once AGAIN [ take note, "AGAIN" ] fared the lousiest among. i rmb one of us scored a lousier score for ss paper, while she goes on about how sad and disappointed the rest of the day, while the other 2 of us were not allowed to mention about the subject. okayy, i understand. i listened to her grievances anyways. reason valid.

what if its me? i've got alot of subjects to whine IF I WANT TO. no end of it. biology, combined humans (after both of them had a jump in grade), english, emaths, higher chinese and which i believe there's more to add on after amaths paper tmr.

and anyways, blasted songs into my eardrums for the second time in class today again. thats' cos i can already know what others are gonna say, eg. "har....... i get blah blah grade only............." when their grade is like a fucking good enough one? now dont tell me about SELF EXPECTATIONS or blah or anything. many had been mentioning it. but.. think,

do you think my self-expectation for my results is any way far from YOU people's ?

its not that i dislike anyone to whine when their results sucks. but, if your grade is good enough, cant you guys spare a thought for others? just like how that time kaiting asked us not to mention about the subject which she fared lousier. but how many umpteen times have these things happened to me? the whole point of mentioning this is, cant you guys spare a thought for others?

there and then, i suppressed my emotions the whole day, at least the lecture had helped in distracting my thoughts.

there, i sat at my table, flipping the pages of my storybook which lies on the table; music blasted into my ears at max vol. i wasnt too keen on reading the book, just serves as a mean of distraction for me. i wasnt sure if i understood what the story was mentioning, the pages of the book continued to flip; the bases of the song sounded good; loud enough to block out the voices which i dont wish to hear. i was irritated, angered, frustrated.


anyways thanks to dd for the attempt to cheer me up LOL. your blog's playlist has good techno songs. LOL. now i understand why u liked them. hahah. & yea, thnks for the accompany today after school (:

&&&&&& to my blog readers, dont worry, im not emo over anything now kayys. im very much clam and chilled out now. :DDDDD just wanted to vent my frustrations. haha. you see, its not good to keep things to myself. i'll explode by then. and yea, comments on my thoughts and this post are not very welcomed this time ((:
hmmmmmms, i wonder if i'll delete this post tmr. LOL.

last reminder again, im very much chilled-out and relaxed now. haha.


Low- hahas. but sadly, not to happy today. hehe.

Andy- hahaha. still dare say you not boxim! can even forget him. tsk tsk. complain to your gf ar.

Nicolette- hahah. thanks! ^^ loveees! ♥

Homie- yes yes? hoMIEHHHHH. im not honey le lor! still call me NEHHH. LOL.

DD- LOl. what remedial hur? tsk tsk. HAHAs! who want stalk you. tsk tsk. bhb! is know your character le lo!


Kaixun - hmmmmms, now who's the one thinking dirty? HAHAS! i didnt even mention or THOUGHT about sexual harrassment luh! LOL. i look to yuan yuan is that if you ever harrass me sure complain to her. lalala. ehh, i not as lame as you. i still got my limbs. TSK!

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