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rotted at home whole day todayyy! hahas. decided to stay at home and tune down.
school 4th term starts tmr!! another FOUR/FIVE holy weeks to Graduation day! say byebye to my uniform. rawr! i've been hating that 7 buttons ever since my first day in cchy. LOL. cchy people should know lahhs~ haha. 10.10.2008 im waiting for u! LOL.

with the reopening of school, means im gonna get back my prelim II results. :/// dont know to use what kind of mood to face it. LOL. and so on, mock papers mock papers mock papers~~

anyways, back to today. really did nothing much at home :/ look at how interesting my day was!
wake up - audi-ed awhile - bathe - lunched (4pm) - housework - comp - blog.
&&& not to forget, i've received the picts from celesta! hahah. so rest of it shall be picts ba ((:

unwrapping my presents~ hahas. was told to try on the hoodie and pose with presents! shall post some only. LOL. okay, i know my hair is like uber black until can go for silkyhair advertisement can! no need to remind me. :x

the songs we sang while slacking

hor why is thomas on germain's bed? LOL

emo kia :b

disturbing her with fake cockroach. scared the hell out of her and she dont dare come out luh. hahaha.


mr and mrs koh

and germain got bullied. LOL.
hahahs. only picked some to blog! :b hehs. short post for the day! nothing interesting today. shall come and bomb you all about my results and EXPECT ME TO WHINEEEE TMR! laughs*

tata! say hello again to the school gate.


DD- hur~ not i wake up late! is you so so so earlyyyyy D: lalala.

Regina- hmmms? who was it? can tell me? hahah.

Celesta- ehhh, couldnt be ba. hahah. that guy say he cchy de. and anyways, thanks lots for the pictures!

Zhiyan- opps. hahah busy man! how's uni life? XD hehs.. alrights! i blog everyday de ma. :b and yeapps, bingo, that cake was from Four Leaf. :b hahah. i suppose its the same which u guys got for maorong too? taste the same!

Kaixun- yeayea? what thing go on. LOL. you mia from my tagboard luh. hahaha

Guowei- hahas. NO PROB! LOL. is people give you one. hahaha. future Tiger KTV and Childcare boss! LOLs!

Chingyuk- yea~ hahaha. at last........ LOL. thanks alot! :DDD

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